Be Yourself Tonight by Eurythmics

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Be Yourself Tonight by Eurythmics
Be Yourself Tonight by Eurythmics

Album Released: 1985

Be Yourself Tonight ::: Artwork

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1.Would I Lie To You?4:28
2.There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)5:24
3.I Love You Like A Ball And Chain4:05
4.Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves5:59
5.Conditioned Love4:28
7.It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)3:39
8.Here Comes That Sinking Feeling5:40
9.Better To Have Loved And Lost (Than Never To Have Loved At All)5:08


I've already detailed my thoughts about the Eurythmics in my review of Revenge, the followup album to Be Yourself Tonight.

There's nothing here that causes me to revise my opinion, if anything the sound here is just bigger and brasher than on Revenge, and still very obviously formatted for American FM radioplay.

But of the nine tracks on offer here, four of them clock in at a truly excessive 5 to 6 minutes, and only one of the remaining tracks is less than 4 minutes in length, all of them presenting material that simply isn't of a standard to merit such long-winded padding.

The nadir though is the six minutes of horrible stridency that is the aggro-feminist anthem "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves", a song that unwittingly exhibits the excesses of testosterone poisoning, in that it is both braggardly and arrogant, and what's worse it has since become enshrined as obnoxious fist-punching-the-air heroica for 'chicks with dicks' everywhere.

That track alone renders this album a complete write-off as far as I'm concerned ... the rest of it just makes me shrug anyway.

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by Reviewer: bluemoon

After four albums of eerie, moody synth/pop, Eurythmics decided to rock, and the result was their most successful album, making them huge in the mid-80s.

And they certainly do it well. On the first half of Be Yourself Tonight, "Would I Lie To You?" and the women's lib duet with Aretha Franklin - "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" - both blast through the speakers with unbridled confidence, while the milder "There Must Be An Angel" is lovely and pretty, with Annie Lennox's vocals never sounding better.

I still prefer the duo's synth leanings though, and that's more apparent on the album's second half, with the charming "Adrian" a highlight, helped by the vocals of Elvis Costello, which is curious, since his voice is hardly a thing of beauty, yet is quite lilting on that track. And "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)" brings back just a touch of the mystery, although it's far from being their best work.

The album's highlight is the concluding "Better to Have Lost in Love", a track that blends rock and haunting pop into a smooth, delicate mixture that's quite divine, even though from personal experience I don't agree with the lyrics' sentiments.

Be Yourself Tonight is certainly an impressive album, and yet when I think of the best of Eurythmics' work, my mind prefers to linger on the likes of "Here Comes the Rain Again". That period of their career just does more for me.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor