Man of Colours by Icehouse

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Man of Colours by Icehouse
Man of Colours by Icehouse

Album Released: 1987

Man of Colours ::: Artwork

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2.Electric Blue4:38
3.My Obsession4:07
4.Man Of Colours5:09
5.Heartbreak Kid5:18
6.The Kingdom4:51
7.Nothing Too Serious3:25
8.Girl On The Moon4:00
9.Anybody's War4:05


Icehouse were an Australian art-pop band who straddled the boundary between guitar-driven Pop-Rock and the synth-based New Romantics, fronted by schoolgirl poster-boy Iva Davies, who came across as somewhat Bowie-esque.

Whilst Davies was adept at writing likable hit singles, his band's albums were typically nothing to write home about, and Man of Colours is no exception.

The album opens with the 5 star hit single "Crazy", followed by the slightly less appealing follow-up single "Electric Blue" (co-written with John Oates of Hall & Oates fame). Beyond that though, the songs are devoid of memorable melodies, instead the material merely makes all the right noises - something like a combination of ABC and Bowie - but without any spark of inspiration.

So apart from the singles, the only other track of interest here is the 4 star "Nothing Too Serious", which seems to be a pastiche of the much better New Zealand art-pop contemporaries of Icehouse, Split Enz. But otherwise, Man of Colours is all filler, or as put it - 'thin'.

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by Reviewer: bluemoon

Icehouse's most successful album, Man of Colours was a huge hit in Australia, along with its accompanying singles, yet it really is no great shakes.

"Crazy" and "Electric Blue" set things going, demonstrating Iva Davies' knack for melody (when he puts his mind to it) and streamlined production, before "Nothing Too Serious" gives it a rockier edge, and then the dreamy, haunting ballad "Man of Colours" slows things down.

However, what follows is pretty much a repeat of all that, minus the ballad. Nearly all the other songs are steady pop, following the same pattern of calm verses, before the predictable, louder choruses, interrupted by "Anybody's War", which is the "Nothing Too Serious" of the second side.

That's not to say that the latter songs are particularly worse than the first, rather that, by the time we get to them, the format has been well and truly worn out. Indeed, if you played the album the other way around, it would probably be the Side One songs that got tiresome. Davies' writing just seems to be in auto mode.

The material's all very well played, and Iva's voice is as lovely as ever, but Man of Colours is certainly not the best album to be released under the Icehouse banner. True, the band never really offered great variety from one album to the next anyway, but this one in particular is decent, routine, and, if it wasn't for the singles which are still played on Australian radio from time to time, quite forgettable.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor