Mungo Jerry by Mungo Jerry

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Mungo Jerry by Mungo Jerry
Mungo Jerry by Mungo Jerry

Album Released: 2003

Mungo Jerry ::: Artwork

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1.In The Summertime
2.Alright Alright Alright
3.Lady Rose
4.Baby Jump
5.With A Girl Like You
6.Sugar Mama
7.Red Leather And Chrome
9.In The Middle Of The Nite
10.Mighty Man
11.Heartbreak Avenue
13.Open Up
14.It's A Secret
15.Let's Get Started
17.Feels Like I'm In Love
18.Hello Nadine
19.Yellow Gloves
20.Wind Up 2 At A Tyme
21.All That A Woman Should Be
22.We're OK
23.Nevermind I've Still Got My Rock & Roll
24.Impala Saga
25.Quiet Man
26.The Drum
27.Forgotten Land
28.Rocking On The Road
29.Don't Let Go
30.Loving In The Alleys & Fighting In The Streets
31.Gone To Malaya
32.Just Can't Say Goodbye


This is a 2CD compilation, consisting of 32 tracks, all of them composed by Ray Dorset (and not by *ahem* Jerry Mungo, as some wag on YouTube posted), and featuring all of Mungo Jerry's hits (and misses) except for "You Don't Have to Be in the Army to Fight in the War".

As will become apparent, thirtytwo tracks (not 34, as it states on the sleeve) is a bit extravagant really, as whilst Mungo Jerry's star burned brightly, their time at the top was relatively brief, the band scoring four hit singles and a hit album (Electronically Tested) over the course of a year or so, whereupon they abruptly disappeared. The band did apparently continue to release albums for many years beyond their initial success, none of which troubled the charts even slightly.

The band's short time in the sun was probably due to Dorset moving away from the sound that made them so popular in the first place - that being good-time jugband music, with lashings of rollicking piano and a goodly dose of high-spirited and memorable tunes - ideal for summertime beach parties and the like.

The sound was fresh and original too, spawning a host of imitators, such as the chameleonic Jonathan King via his 'UK' record label with Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs "Seaside Shuffle" (sung by Jona Lewie, and also the song that actually inspired Mungo Jerry's No.1 smash "In the Summertime", though "Seaside Shuffle" was only a hit after Mungo Jerry's rise to the top), The Mixtures "Pushbike Song", and - at a stretch, but attributable to Mungo Jerry's influence thanks to the kazoo - McGuinness Flint's "When I'm Dead and Gone".

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