Love Symbol by Prince

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Love Symbol by Prince
Love Symbol by Prince

Album Released: 1992

Love Symbol ::: Artwork

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1.My Name Is Prince6:25
2.Sexy M.F.5:25
3.Love 2 The 9's5:46
4.The Morning Papers3:57
5.The Max4:31
7.Blue Light4:38
8.I Wanna Melt With You3:51
9.Sweet Baby4:01
10.The Continental5:31
11.Damn U4:04
13.The Flow2:27
15.And God Created Woman3:18
16.3 Chains O' Gold6:03
18.The Sacrifice Of Victor5:42


The *ahem* 'artist' formerly known as Prince is a performer whose persona seems to spontaneously trigger an intense loathing in me, so er ... I think it's best if I just rate this interminable 75-minute CD of jazzy-funky proggy-rocky cod-reggae-ish hippie-hoppy mish-mash, then promptly move along. Or as Alex Harvey was wont to say in his highly theatrical version of the Jacques Brel song ... Next! (7 stars, YouTube search 'Alex Harvey Band Next').

For whilst Prince busies about proclaiming himself an artist, Alex Harvey is proclaimed an artist. I wonder, could Prince spot the difference between the mindless egoistic bragging of his "My Name is Prince", as compared to this ...?

Naked as sin - an army towel wrapped around my belly, some of us weep, some of us howl - knees turned to jelly, but: 'Next ... next'. I was just a child, a hundred like me - I followed a naked body and a naked body followed me. 'Next ... next'.

I was just a child when my innocence was lost in a mobile army whorehouse - a gift for the army, free of cost: 'Next! Next! NEXT!' Me, I really would have liked a little bit of tenderness - maybe a word, maybe a smile, maybe some happiness. But 'Next ... next'.

It was not so tragic, and heaven did not fall, but how much of the time I hated being there at all! 'Next! ... next'. I still recall the brothel trucks and the flying flags, the queer lieutenant slapped our arses thinking we were fags! 'NEXT! NEXT! Next!'. I swear on the wet head of my first case of gonorrhea, it is his ugly voice that I forever hear - 'Next! next next next next next'. A voice that stinks of whiskey, of corpses and of mud. It is the voice of nations, the thick voice of blood: 'Next ... next next next' ...

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by Reviewer: bluemoon

In the beginning, God made the sea. But on the seventh day, he made me ... Prince actually makes that line convincing, and it's typical of the wall-to-wall power on this album.

Prince is mixing his later self-indulgence with nonstop sharp commercial hooks here, and it's enough to remind me why he still matters at this point in his career - this album has balls. The opening beat orgy "My Name Is Prince" swaggers atop a monster groove as he boasts at the top of his lungs - it's an unbelievable, genre-busting song.

The bass-heavy funk of "Sex M.F." also shows Prince to be a total master, in case I'd doubted that. Elsewhere, he doesn't aim as high, but even the generic dance songs have choruses that stick in my brain better than almost anything he'd done lately, and there are some lovely melodies like "Love 2 the 9's" and "Blue Light".

The sheer inspiration drops off after the first few songs, but everything is still tight, funky, and convincing. A gigantic statement of ego backed up by sheer talent, this album is proof that nobody wrings more brilliance out of quirky self-indulgence than the Purple one.

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by Reviewer: Cosmic Ben