And Then ... Along Comes by The Association

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And Then ... Along Comes by The Association
And Then ... Along Comes by The Association

Album Released: 1966

And Then ... Along Comes ::: Artwork

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1.Enter The Young2:42
2.Your Own Love2:19
3.Don't Blame It On Me2:26
5.I'll Be Your Man2:45
6.Along Comes Mary2:30
8.Standing Still2:43
9.Message Of Your Love3:56
10.Round Again1:48


These are good guys. I'm not claiming I know them personally, especially since I never even bothered to look up their individual names. But I've listened to their music, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're good guys.

This is some of the sweetest and happiest music I've ever heard in this disgusting world of ours. Unfortunately, the group seemed to have trouble writing infectious melodies, but their inventiveness in other areas (namely, instrumentation) makes this a rather interesting product of the 60's sunshine-pop era.

You've got to at least love their vocals. Some might accuse them of being the poor man's version of The Beach Boys, but that's just being cynical, and that's not the proper frame-of-mind to be in when listening to sunshine pop music. This is music meant for happy people. They might have not been The Beach Boys, but their breezy vocals and tight harmonies are their principal attraction. Also, they had their fair share of memorable hits, most notably "Cherish".

You can immediately tell whether or not you'll like this album by listening to the opening number, "Enter the Young". It might not have a strong enough melody to have resonated through the ages, but I'll tell you I love my life when I'm listening to it. It starts out sweetly and likable, but as you continue to listen to it, you begin to notice that it gradually builds up passion and energy until it reaches a tiny explosion at the end. I would tell you it orgasms, but let's not be crude.

While their passion and instrumental inventiveness saves some of these songs, it unfortunately doesn't happen consistently through the album. Look at what happens in that snooze-fest called "Remember", which unfortunately doesn't quite live up to its title.

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