Go West by Go West

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Go West by Go West
Go West by Go West

Album Released: 1985

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1.We Close Our Eyes3:48
2.Don't Look Down3:52
3.Call Me4:13
4.Eye To Eye3:32
7.Goodbye Girl5:06
9.Missing Persons6:26


On the strength of this album, Go West appeared to have modelled themselves on Wham!, except they didn't have quite the same charisma, and certainly not the tunes.

Oddly though, the music here is distinctly synth-based, even though the duo consisted of a guitarist and a vocalist, with the keyboards being handled by assorted session players.

Style-wise, the material is similar to that of Wham! as well, being 1980's synth/pop, with a lot of emphasis on the bright 'brassy' end of the synth spectrum. But the songwriting isn't up to much ... there's the two big hit singles "We Close Our Eyes" and "Call Me" (both 4 stars), a couple of lesser hits, accompanied by what sounds to me like vast tracts of filler.

Though they did subsequently improve on this debut, at this stage in their career Go West seemed to be little more than pin-up boys for those glossy schoolgirl fiction magazines with names like 'Jackie', 'Twinkle', and 'Bunty'.

So the compilation Aces and Kings would likely be a more rewarding listening experience, it including all the Go West that's worth hearing. And there were UK acts with far better music to offer ploughing a very similar furrow to Go West ... Re-Flex and Blancmange for example, making this sound like distinctly second division dance/pop for teenage girls.

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by Reviewer: bluemoon

This English duo was made up of vocalist (and occasional instrumentalist) Peter Cox and bassist (and occasional backing vocalist) Richard Drummie, with some back up work from Alan Murphy (guitar) and Tony Beard (drums), offering a front similar to that of Tears For Fears, or Wham!, although musically Go West were different from both, offering more upbeat pop than the former, and less fluffiness than the latter.

This debut was a hit, and with it came a few hit singles, none more notable than the excellent "We Close Our Eyes". You cannot have an eighties compilation without this song, and that includes a video compilation - watching Cox (in the clip directed by Godley & Creme) dance in front of those animated doll thingies, while singing into a wrench, is iconic of the period.

However, a bit of a problem with this album is that none of the following songs can quite match "We Close Our Eyes", and struggle from nearly all of them following the same pattern to the point where even most of the choruses contain the title, another line, the title and concluding line.

Through all this, "Haunted" and "S.O.S." join "Eyes" at being enjoyable pop (although, even then, the verses are so interchangable that one could swap them with each other without there being a particularly discernable difference between the two songs), and Cox has an impressively strong voice, even if it's a bit over the top at times, helping to bring the songs alive, and the concluding two tracks, "Innocence" and "Missing Persons", do offer something a bit different from what has gone before, and are certainly reliefs after the plodding ballad "Goodbye Girl".

Overall, Go West is a bit better than it probably has a right to be, but Go West's follow up album, Dancing On The Couch, certainly benefits from more inventiveness in the song writing.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor