The Hunter by Blondie

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The Hunter by Blondie
The Hunter by Blondie

Album Released: 1982

The Hunter ::: Artwork

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1.Orchid Club5:44
2.Island Of Lost Souls4:44
4.For Your Eyes Only3:05
5.The Beast4:50
6.War Child4:00
7.Little Caesar2:57
9.(Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)3:04
10.English Boys3:46
11.The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game3:32


Supposedly the band delivered this album only because their contract forced them to, and it sounds like it.

By this stage the band just sounds tired, going through the motions in songs that superficially sound like Blondie, but lack the hooks and excitement that made classic Blondie worth listening to in the first place.

It gets off on the really wrong foot with a slow, draggy doomy pseudo-goth number, but the rest of the album isn't quite that bad. I said quite - the rest is still bad.

There are two good songs: the Caribbean-flavored "Island of Lost Souls", and the autobiographical ballad "English Boys", in which a teenage Harry stranded in suburbia falls in love with magazine pictures of long-haired guys from England, and drops in an allusion to The Stooges' "1969".

The rest is tepid and dull, not quite unlistenable, but nothing I ever want to hear again. Lots of tribal drumbeating a la Adam and the Ants as was current circa 1982, which dates parts of this album, because that tribal Antmusic turned out to be one of the lamest trends the 80's threw up - nobody lays down those tom-toms anymore and for a damn good reason.

After this album the band broke up, with Harry pursuing a solo career.

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by Reviewer: Creative Noise

Only after being hungover from a wedding did I understand The Hunter. It being the Blondie's last 'classic era' album, the band ventured further into pop music styles, with a mind to converting anything and everything into long dance-beat songs.

Thus - after Autoamerican's Blondie-does-ska - this is Blondie-does-calypso with "Island of Lost Souls", or the odd rap-meets-disco "The Beast". The nadir comes with "Little Caesar", for which Harry quasi-raps as a sort of childlike Jimmy Cagney. And those tracks sit alongside mid-tempo dance songs "Orchid Club" and "War Child".

The entire album is enslaved to a bloated production and prolonged beats, leaving little room for the musicans. Nearly the entire first side is given over to such stuff - music for wedding receptions, where people are already in a frenzy of movement and need to keep it going at all (artistic) costs.

Blondie's previous lyrical preoccupations resurface, and given the same treatment ... "Dragonfly" is about drag racing in space, recalling the band's early B-movie stories, but it's really only a story, as the song itself is just a poor excuse for another mindless beat with endless narration.

The better songs avoid such zombie attributes - Destri's "Danceway" is their last 60's-style pop song, and there's a cool cabaret cover of "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game". Regrettably, Harry's empty lyrics mar the other two tolerable tracks - a rejected James Bond theme called "For Your Eyes Only", and "Find the Right Words".

The Hunter isn't so much an embarrasment - it's too well-produced for that - but it is a waste of time.

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by Reviewer: Obscurity (blogging at Obscurity!)