Some Old Bullshit by Beastie Boys

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Some Old Bullshit by Beastie Boys
Some Old Bullshit by Beastie Boys

Album Released: 1994

Some Old Bullshit ::: Artwork

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1.Egg Raid On Mojo1:41
2.Beastie Boys0:56
3.Transit Cop1:18
5.Holy Snappers1:22
6.Riot Fight0:30
7.Ode To ...1:33
8.Michelle's Farm1:38
9.Egg Raid On Mojo1:20
10.Transit Cop1:21
11.Cooky Puss3:19
12.Bonus Batter2:21
13.Beastie Revolution5:09
14.Cooky Puss [Censored Version]3:20


A compilation of the first two Beastie Boys EP releases. The Beastie Boys started out as a hardcore punk group, simple as that - absolutely nothing at all serious about anything here, it's just fun to listen to! Very silly at times, it's obvious these guys have a huge sense of humour, at times it may come across akin to listening to Cartman from South Park fronting a hardcore punk band.

"Egg Raid on Mojo" is just lots of fun - fast speedy riffs, noise, energy, take it for what it is - entertainment! "Beastie Boys" is fiftysix seconds long, the following "Transit Cop" barely longer, but both of these tracks make me smile. "Transit Cop" has a bass sound grooving away in there somewhere, with yo yo yo vocal refrains. It's good!

"Jimi" may be rather messy, but it's over soon enough. "Holy Snappers" begins with much guitar, fast frantic riffs and vocals, the sheer energy carries it through. You couldn't exactly call it accomplished as such, but as far as cheaply recorded punk music is concerned, it's perfectly good. "Riot Fight" is great!! I for one love to sing along with this particular thirty second masterpiece (!?).

"Ode To" continues with the already established sound - fast guitars, cheap sound, lots of energy, frantic vocals. That's it, really. What can you say? Whether you enjoy this may well be down to whether you enjoy punk in the first place. If you do, chances are you'll get something from this.

"Michelle's Farm" is hilarious! As it opens, you might be forgiven for thinking it's a Country song, then it goes all hardcore punk on us. To be honest, the lyrics are so quickly 'sung', I can't make out even half of them, but it sounds like someone is angry, and having fun being angry. Phrases like do it again, brainwashed and repetitions of school come flying past. Yeah, leave them kids alone!

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