Hello Nasty by Beastie Boys

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Hello Nasty by Beastie Boys
Hello Nasty by Beastie Boys

Album Released: 1998

Hello Nasty ::: Artwork

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1.Super Disco Breakin'2:07
2.The Move3:35
3.Remote Control2:58
4.Song For The Man3:13
5.Just A Test2:12
6.Body Movin'3:03
8.Sneakin' Out The Hospital2:45
9.Putting Shame In Your Game3:37
10.Flowin' Prose2:39
11.And Me2:52
12.Three MC's And One DJ2:50
13.The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')3:01
14.Song For Jumior3:49
15.I Don't Know3:00
16.The Negotiation Limerick File2:46
18.Picture This2:25
21.Dr. Lee, PhD4:50
22.Instand Death3:20


A four year wait was interrupted only by a hardcore EP and the instrumental "The In Sound from Way Out".

That wait for new Beasties material proper was rewarded when "Intergalatic" brightened our airwaves and TV screens. Classic Beastie Boys from the word go, "Intergalatic" was a big hit single and paved the way for Hello Nasty to follow in its wake.

This is not their finest work, in fact it pales badly when listened to immediately after Ill Communication, but this album still has enough charm and enjoyment factor to be worthwhile.

"Super Disco Breakin'" is a glorious use of samples; "The Move" has a great groove with good rapping all over; "Remote Control" is fuzzy and distorted with a catchy melody line running throughout. Good stuff so far - no complaints.

"Body Movin'" and "Three MCs and One DJ" are highlights of the set, both playful in the extreme - the former musically notable with much funk and groove, the latter notable for the rhymes and rapping. "Intergalatic" still stands out a country mile though.

Any song titled something like "Sneakin' Out the Hospital" has me yearning to hear it, so it's a shame that this particular song is deathly dull, pointless instrumental noodling and very familiar territory for the Beastie Boys, who just aren't stretching themselves there.

"Song for the Man" is a similarly uninspiring instrumental, and neither "Putting Shame In Your Game" nor "Flowin' Prose" do a blind thing for me. Those tracks are still well put together, but there seems to be a lack of imagination or 'thrill' factor when compared to the likes of Paul's Boutique.

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by Reviewer: Adrian Denning (blogging at Adrian's Album Reviews)