Sometime Anywhere by The Church

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Sometime Anywhere by The Church
Sometime Anywhere by The Church

Album Released: 1994

Sometime Anywhere ::: Artwork

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1.Day Of The Dead6:45
2.Lost My Touch6:30
4.My Little Problem7:18
5.The Maven6:47
9.Two Places At Once7:54
10.Business Woman4:30
12.Fly Home8:42
13.The Dead Man's Dream4:58


Koppes had left the band by this point, reducing The Church to basically the duo of Kilbey and Willson-Piper, who reconstituted The Church as an equal partnership duo - the songs are co-written by the two of them, and Willson-Piper shares almost equal weight as far as the vocal duties are concerned too.

As such, the music here doesn't bear any sonic resemblance to The Church of old. While they can still write nice melodies, none of these tracks are what you'd call catchy pop songs - it's more Art Rock than anything they'd done before, as the duo navigates through lengthy bloated 5-to-8 minute atmospheric excursions.

The production and overall sound are much brighter than the previous CD (not to mention the gaudy cover), but overall it's a tad bit weaker ... at least Priest=Aura worked as mood music of a sort. Biggest problem - at least to my way of thinking - no guitar interplay. Aside from Kilbey's melodies, that was the band's biggest strength - by ditching Koppes, they'd jettisoned their most distinctive sonic feature, and suffer a distinct loss of personality as a result.

Worse, the modern 90's touches just show how out of touch these guys were - particularly Kilbey's embarrassing attempt at rap (I kid you not). All said, this album has its moments, but for the most part it's unendurably dull. The best song is the Kilbey/Willson-Piper duet "Two Places At Once", which would've made a good single if they hadn't bloated it to a few seconds shy of eight minutes.

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by Reviewer: Creative Noise (blogging at Creative Noise)

On Sometime Anywhere The Church get more epic and uber-contemporary, but oh dear - having now dwindled to just the duo of Kilbey and Willson-Piper - this would be their last album with a major label budget.

The production gets all super contemporary on "Lost My Touch" and the super annoying techno/rock-ish "Angelica", which just feels like the band is piling on the gloss to make up for the fact that they're no longer The Church as their audience once knew them.

It's like they've gone from musically their best and most interesting album to their most boring and cliched. And I don't get why they make the songs all super-epic and glossy. Did the first six songs need to have an average length of 6+minutes? Not really.

Still, there's not really any bad songs here per se - there's just a whole lot of filler. It all sounds pretty good I guess, it's just not very exciting. And when I find myself sitting through so much blandness, it ends up overshadowing even something pretty dang cool like the Neil Young-ish "The Maven".

Dah well, Koppes would return to the fold soon enough, and the band would get back to making musically great, vocally frustrating albums again.

Footnote: Some US copies of Sometime Anywhere were two CDs, the second disc being the contents of an EP titled Somewhere Else. It's about half as long as the full-length album and roughly twice as good.

It kicks off with "Drought", a creepy number that was an out-take from the 1987 Starfish sessions, an honest to goodness dance track that works.

It's unclear when the rest of the EP dates from, as the notes are incomplete, but regardless every single song is better than anything on the album, recalling the band's more familiar guitar layer-oriented sound.

The 2CD version of Sometime Anywhere has become somewhat scarce these days, but well worth searching for, even if it does come with a 70+minute disaster of an album attached.

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by Reviewer: Austin (blogging at Austin's Page)