Octopus by The Bees

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Octopus by The Bees
Octopus by The Bees

Album Released: 2007

Octopus ::: Artwork

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1.Who Cares What The Question Is?3:33
2.Love In The Harbour4:01
3.Left Foot Stepdown4:03
4.Got To Let Go5:22
5.Listening Man4:55
7.(This Is For The) Better Days4:35
8.The Ocularist3:54
9.Hot One!2:43
10.End Of The Street1:55


The Bees return with their world view that 'anything that sounds like it was recorded after 1969 isn't worth hearing'.

Whereas Sunshine Hit Me and Free The Bees were radically different from each other, Octopus is the same Free The Bees nostalgia mix, whilst not being quite as strong. Still, fine pop melodies abound and I'm not about to call this rubbish just because it's not quite as good as their pretty excellent opening one-two punch of Sunshine Hit Me / Free The Bees.

Not that anybody was listening anyway ... The Bees have sold relatively few records, and I doubt anybody will be listening now ... Arctic Monkeys get the praise, Kanye West gets the money, and The Bees sit in Abbey Road studios wondering what microphone Paul McCartney used to record "Rocky Raccoon".

I do miss the beauty of Sunshine Hit Me in particular, and Free The Bees was a delight. Delights here? Opener "Who Cares What the Question Is?" sounds like The Animals crossed with marzipan and an orangutan. "Love In the Harbour" is the most delicious thing here, with a strong catchy pop chorus and verses sounding like Chris Hillman-era Byrds, circa 1967 - a very good thing for The Bees to sound like.

"Leftfoot Stepdown" is a reggae-tinged tune and a semi-delight but it's also this album's "Chicken Payback". The closing "End of the Street" is yet another "Chicken Payback", and so a problem becomes apparent ... next time guys, record something that surprises listeners, just slightly. Otherwise - as nice as all this stuff is - you'll fall foul of the Law of Diminishing Returns, as surely as Robbie Williams did every time he opened his mouth.

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