Aftermath [US] by The Rolling Stones

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Aftermath [US] by The Rolling Stones
Aftermath [US] by The Rolling Stones

Album Released: 1966

Aftermath [US] ::: Artwork

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1.Paint It Black3:20
2.Stupid Girl2:52
3.Lady Jane3:06
4.Under My Thumb3:20
5.Doncha Bother Me2:35
7.Flight 5053:25
8.High And Dry3:06
9.It's Not Easy2:52
10.I Am Waiting3:10
11.Goin' Home11:35


This is the first Rolling Stones album with 100 percent original material. They'd hinted at it a few times on their previous two albums, but this is where they truly started to make significant strides into Art Rock, a pivotal step in the band's evolution.

Brian Jones is usually considered the principal force behind that development, but actual credit for the album's songwriting belongs exclusively to the Glimmer Twins.

The first thing that must be mentioned about Aftermath is that it opens with “Paint it Black”, the greatest song ever (well it seems like the greatest song ever when I'm listening to it). It could've been a fairly standard heavy rock'n'roll number, but Jones had spent some time hanging out with George Harrison, and anyone who spends time with Harrison seems to come back knowing about the magic and wonderment of the sitar.

The sitar is to “Paint it Black” little more than window dressing, but it still lends the song a very distinct flavor - such that what might've been a slightly bland song became exotic and unforgettable, and the instrument seemed more naturally interwoven into the song than even on “Norwegian Wood”. You've also got to appreciate Charlie Watts' incredible drumming, as though he were creating thunder, and those incessant clicking noises throughout. Everything about that song is brilliant it seems.

“Under My Thumb” would also have been a conventional song, but for Jones having the idea of using a marimba. I suppose guitar purists might've been upset that Richards didn't play that riff on his guitar, but I do love hearing this exciting new texture - it turned a catchy song into something even more memorable.

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)

Aftermath is the album that at last sees The Rolling Stones penning all their own material. And once again there's a few classics amidst the filler - the sitar-ish driving "Paint it Black", the loungey "Under My Thumb" (covered by The Who in protest of the Jagger/Richards drug bust, I believe), and the baroque ballad "Lady Jane".

Wyman is an incredibly cool bassist - he's always doing little fiddly basslines that are just so neat. And if I knew anything about drumming, I'd say something about Charlie Watts too.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Rolling Stones album without some mediocre material. "Stupid Girl" is indeed stupid - I hate it when a band thinks a melody is so great they just repeat it over and over. Then there's the little matter of the 11-minute album closer "Going Home" - who wants to hear an 11-minute Rolling Stones song?

There's six other songs on Aftermath, ranging from okay "Doncha Bother Me", which presages the band's Beggars Banquet slide-guitar country/blues fascination, to the fairly good "Flight 505", to titles ripped off by other artists such as "High and Dry" and "I Am Waiting".

In conclusion, Aftermath is another inconsistent romp into the mid-60's.

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by Reviewer: Cole Reviews