Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye

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Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye

Album Released: 1973


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1.Let's Get It On4:52
2.Please Stay (Once You Go Away)3:28
3.If I Should Die Tonight3:03
4.Keep Gettin' It On3:09
5.Come Get To This2:40
6.Distant Lover5:15
7.You Sure Love To Ball4:43
8.Just To Keep You Satisfied4:26


The hit title track is far and away the best tune on this effort, the rest tiresomely rework the same groove with less interesting results.

It all sounds the same, and though in limited doses it's fine, by the end of the album you're half asleep.

Gaye even reworks "Let's Get It On" as "Keep Gettin' It On" - a sure sign of a lack of ideas - actually, he only really has one idea. Gaye's one-track mind and unvarying tone make this ideal for making out on the couch though.

So in its own way, this was as influential as What's Going On, as songs like "You Sure Love To Ball" were shockingly frank for mainstream R&B of the time.

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by Reviewer: Creative Noise

An album that answers the question What's Going On? with a simple response: hard, sweaty, fucking. Imagining how many children were conceived to this ode to the carnal arts boggles the mind, especially when one remembers that this was the highest-selling album in the Motown catalogue up to this point.

Surprisingly few really good albums are devoted to the subject of sex, but this has got to be the granddaddy of 'em all. And man, is this sex-ay ... so far, the only album that comes close to the satiny sexuality of this record is Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads.

Because it's yet another concept album from Gaye, people can't help but compare it one-on-one to What's Going On?, but the two albums are completely different beyond the fact that Gaye is singing. The smooth musical backgrounds here include more than a few Jazz elements, and it's, you know ... pretty great and all.

Except whereas What's Going On? had three undeniable classics, Let's Get It On has only one, and I think that you all know what I'm talking about: it's been used to sell cars, sell perfume, and sell Jack Black's unfunny spazz ass. And it really is that great.

So put the album on, put the needle down, and you'll forget the crass, disrespectful commercialism that's tainted so much Motown through the years, and just get into one of the easiest-rolling sex songs ever ... 'quit messing around, let's fuck' ... the message is blunter than Tony Danza's vocabulary, but it's damned effective ...

"Let's Get It On" is one tune for which the term 'effortless' was coined - it packs infinite layers of string sections, honking R&B horns, a soprano sax lead line, and funk-popping rhythm section, and about six layers of Gaye overdubs, but not once does it ever feel weighted down with itself. In fact, when the I feel sanctified part at the end snaps in, my head is right lifted off my spinal column. Painlessly. Easily. Bay-beee ...

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by Reviewer: Capt Bonanza (blogging at Capn Marvel's Bonanza [Defunct])