Midnight Love by Marvin Gaye

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Midnight Love by Marvin Gaye
Midnight Love by Marvin Gaye

Album Released: 1982

Midnight Love ::: Artwork

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1.Midnight Lady5:17
2.Sexual Healing3:59
3.Rockin' After Midnight6:03
4.Till Tomorrow4:58
5.Turn On Some Music5:08
6.Third World Girl4:35
8.My Love Is Waiting5:08


This release - Gaye's comeback album - tragically turned out to be his last. It's the best work he'd done in years, as he breaks with now-tired formulas, and fools around with early-80's electronics.

Midnight Love is surprisingly warm despite the heavy use of synthesizers, and contains his biggest hit since "Let's Get It On", the sweetly melodic "Sexual Healing".

It's a typical Gaye album, which means the singles are easily the best songs on the record, otherwise he works one groove throughout the entire proceedings. However, he's allowed more variety than usual, even throwing in some faux-Caribbean ("Third World Girl").

"Midnight Lady" and the gospel-fervored "My Love is Waiting" are the two other real classics, and the rest is quite solid. Perhaps his most consistent set of songs.

4½ stars

by Reviewer: Creative Noise