David Live by David Bowie

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David Live by David Bowie
David Live by David Bowie

Album Released: 1974

David Live ::: Artwork

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2.Rebel Rebel2:40
3.Moonage Daydream5:10
4.Sweet Thing8:48
6.Suffragette City3:45
7.Aladdin Sane4:57
8.All The Young Dudes4:18
9.Cracked Actor3:29
10.Rock'n'Roll With Me4:18
11.Watch That Man4:55
12.Knock On Wood3:08
13.Diamond Dogs6:32
14.Big Brother4:08
15.The Width Of A Circle8:12
16.The Jean Genie5:13
17.Rock'n'Roll Suicide4:30


What a load of bollocks! My spell-checker claims that 'bollocks' isn't a word, but I know for a fact that it is a word. And one of the reasons it was invented was to describe David Live, David Bowie's first official live album. This is so much BOLLOCKS that it lives and breathes the term!

The prospect of David Bowie releasing a live album should have been a wonderful thing. He might not have been known for giving great live concerts like Eric Clapton or The Who, but they were certainly pretty good, and of course a lot of fans flocked to see them. As a Bowie fan myself, I'd be greatly interested in hearing what the dude sounded like live.

But if he was going to release a live album, then why the hell did it have to be one from his 1974 tour - right after retiring his Ziggy Stardust persona? I mean, at least release something with Mick Ronson on it!

By far the worst thing about this live album was that Bowie was in the middle of trying to morph into his blue-eyed-soul 'Thin White Duke' persona, but he didn't have too many soul songs in his back-catalog - he hadn't even released Young Americans yet. To compensate for that, he made the very misguided decision of transforming his old hits into soul ditties.

The result is something akin to pissing on everything that made those songs great. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if Bowie had just sung these songs normally. I mean, he had a pretty terrible voice as it was, and the last thing he needed to do was to adopt bizarre 'soulful' intonations throughout. Not only does it sound very awkward most of the time, but it obscures the melodies!

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)

Both David Live and Stage are live double album releases from one of the world's biggest rock stars, and are very similar, in that they're both as dull as ditchwater!

David Live sounds flat and dull, and although the pace does pick up slightly towards the end of the album, by then it's far too late. The musicians are allowed to expand some of the songs slightly, but you're never allowed to forget this is Bowie's show, his voice being the most prominent instrument in the mix.

The early stuff is over in a flash, and it seems like he just doesn't want to be there anyway. So listening to David Live is not an experience, it's an endurance. If you really want live Bowie, go for the far superior Santa Monica Civic '72, for - even though the sound quality is inferior - both the material and the performance is warmer and far better than on this forgettable and feeble effort. Bowie on a bad night.

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by Reviewer: Paul Mouse