A Reality Tour by David Bowie

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A Reality Tour by David Bowie
A Reality Tour by David Bowie

Album Released: 2010

A Reality Tour ::: Artwork

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1.Rebel Rebel3:13
2.New Killer Star4:59
6.Sister Midnight4:38
8.All The Young Dudes3:48
9.Be My Wife3:16
10.The Loneliest Guy3:59
11.The Man Who Sold The World4:19
12.Fantastic Voyage3:14
13.Hallo Spaceboy5:28
15.Under Pressure4:18
16.Life On Mars?4:40
17.Battle For Britain (The Letter)4:55
18.Ashes To Ashes5:46
19.The Motel5:44
20.Loving The Alien5:18
21.Never Get Old4:18
23.I'm Afraid Of Americans5:17
25.Bring Me The Disco King7:57
26.Slip Away5:56
27.Heathen (The Rays)6:25
28.Five Years4:20
29.Hang On To Yourself2:51
30.Ziggy Stardust3:45
31.Fall Dog Bombs The Moon4:12
32.Breaking Glass2:27
33.China Girl4:18


I remember when David Bowie embarked on the Reality Tour, and thinking it so hilarious when one day I thought to call it the Realty Tour, like David Bowie was about to trot around the countryside buying and selling land. Ah yes, my former self was so amused by empty puns like that. Anyway, this album houses plenty of memories for me, even though it was only released in 2010.

This live set captures performances from Bowie's 2003-2004 tour, and I attended two of those concerts. In fact, they constituted the first two concerts I'd ever been to (apart from some CCM bands I don't care about). Were they awesome? Heck yes, they were. I was so into David Bowie at the time that I could even mouth along to his *new* songs. Seven years have passed since, and my memories of those concerts are still pretty vivid (mostly thanks to the reviews I wrote at the time), but now through the good graces of whatever record label released this double live album, I now have an actual record to remember the experience by.

This package is quite a doozie too. There are 33 tracks, clocking in at 154 minutes. Obviously, it's going to be cumbersome for anyone who isn't already a dues-paying fan, but the great thing for the hardened fan is that Bowie borrows as much from his latest albums (Reality and Heathen) as his classic back-catalog, by which he provides a small handful of memorable songs from each of his eras.

So here's the rundown: The earliest song he performs is the title track from The Man Who Sold the World, which is so much fun that it makes the crowd go nuts. Then he of course touches upon his Ziggy Stardust era with a handful of tracks. Each album from the 'Berlin Trilogy' is covered by at least one song ... “Breaking Glass”, “Be My Wife”, “Heroes” and (oddly though thrillingly enough) “Fantastic Voyage”. He does “Ashes to Ashes” from Scary Monsters (one of the highlights of the concert), and there are a couple others from his 80's pop era, including a near-acoustic interpretation of “Loving the Alien”. His 90's work is well represented too, with a much-improved version of “Hallo Spaceboy”, a sort of ho-hum “Battle For Britain (The Letter)”, and a pretty excellent “I'm Afraid of Americans”.

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