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Genesis Live by Genesis
Genesis Live by Genesis

Album Released: 1973

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Cole Reviews  23rd Apr 2017
The best of the three main Genesis live albums, though that's not saying much. It's all performed well, but the first half sounds much like the studio albums. "The Musical Box" has a really cool middle part though, where the band actually come close to rocking hard, but the rest is more passable than outstanding.

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1.Watcher Of The Skies8:34
2.Get 'Em Out By Friday9:13
3.The Return Of The Giant Hogweed8:14
4.The Musical Box10:55
5.The Knife9:47


Despite my affection for early Genesis albums, I've never really gotten into their live albums. 'What's the point?' I'd think, 'they did their songs perfectly in the studio, and it's not like there were any major virtuosos in the group'. On the other hand, I was thinking those things before I even bothered listening to them.

My more ignorant previous self did have a point, as really, the only people who need to acquire this live album would be bona fide Genesis eggheads, and they certainly won't need to read my thoughts about it first. Though perhaps they'd part more readily with their cash after I advise them that this album is a total hoot.

Whilst there are no major virtuosos in Genesis, they were capable of jamming, and they perform material differently live than in the studio, in a way I'm sure fans would lap up. For instance, the guitar solo in the final third of “The Knife” is surprisingly blistering for Genesis! I'd even say the entire song is harder and edgier than its studio counterpart, and a marked improvement. The highlights of this album though are “Get 'Em Out By Friday” and “The Musical Box”, but those were pretty much perfect masterpieces to begin with and it shouldn't be a surprise that they sound great live. “The Knife” live on the other hand, might surprise you.

Peter Gabriel's vocal performances sound remarkably bold and confident. He was known for wearing elaborate costumes during their concerts, and making it seem like they were in woodland fairy plays. I would've felt like a complete idiot dressed like that, but such nonsense seemed to empower Peter Gabriel! He was having so much fun at the time that he even cracked a joke at the beginning of “The Musical Box”. That's surprising, as I didn't figure Gabriel to be the sort of person who usually cracks jokes.

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