Genesis by Genesis

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Genesis by Genesis
Genesis by Genesis

Album Released: 1983

Genesis ::: Artwork

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2.That's All4:26
3.Home By The Sea4:52
4.Second Home By The Sea6:22
5.Illegal Alien5:15
6.Taking It All Too Hard3:58
7.Just A Job To Do4:47
8.Silver Rainbow4:29
9.It's Gonna Get Better4:58


"Mama" is indisputable proof that Phil Collins was a great singer. He might've eventually become a tiresome pop figure in the 1980's, but I for one respect the man after hearing him belt out that song. Not only does he yell-sing in an incredibly soaring way, but he sounds to me like he's genuinely hurting: It's hot, too hot for me mama, and I can feel my body shake. Oh make the pain go away. Ouch. And what's with those devilish laughs he belts out in the refrains? That's pretty freaky, man ...

Besides the vocal performance and lyrics, "Mama" is of course an excellent song, and proves once again how excellent these guys were at operating drum machines - quiet and ominous in the first half, before growing very loud and threatening, which sends shivers of electricity down my spine. And Tony Banks comes up with some compelling synthesizers in the background, which help set the menacing mood. Of course the whole thing is very 80's, but as I'm listening to it, it seems to redeem the entire decade, it's that strong (though I'll probably rescind that statement once I get around to reviewing Mike + The Mechanics albums!).

That's followed with the much more pleasant pop of “That's All”. It's catchy as hell, but of course Genesis do a few ear-dazzling things with the instrumentation - Banks plays a bouncy piano riff, backed-up by a mid-tempo and texturally evolving drum machine pattern, and Rutherford earns kudos by bringing in a bright and bubbly guitar solo right at the end. Really, there's a lot going on with the instrumentation, making it futile to try and describe everything!

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)

This album is the undeniable peak of pop-era Genesis - nine songs and only one or two with problems that prevent it from reaching a rating of 6 stars.

If the opening "Mama" doesn't floor you, surely the extended "Home By the Sea" will (I love those scratchy chords that open the latter). And the rest is good too!

There's weirdness like "Silver Rainbow", silly synth/funk in the hit-man tale "Just a Job to Do", and yet more Collins balladry in the form of the lite shuffle "That's All". And although "Illegal Alien" has absolutely terrible lyrics, its catchy chorus just about makes up for it.

5½ stars

by Reviewer: Cole Reviews

This might be Genesis' most poppy album of all, even if it doesn't seem like it's going to be that way at first. The sinister "Mama" which opens the set - complete with Phil Collins' evil laughs - is a dark brooding piece that is remarkably effective, and it's full credit to the band that they somehow managed to get a hit out of it.

However, what comes immediately after that is the straightforward streamlined pop of "That's All", and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album, despite the double dose of "Home by the Sea" and "Second Home by the Sea", which does see the band dabbling in touches of their old progressive rock style a bit.

The album's second half is back to pop basics, and there's fun from "Illegal Alien", and an easy-going vibe with "Taking It All Too Hard". But for me, the best song on the whole album is "Silver Rainbow" - from its strong percussion to its haunting chorus, it remains one of my all time favourite Genesis songs.

Genesis (the reason the album was self-titled was reportedly because all three band members were credited on all the songs) is a definite improvement over their previous Abacab, and also preferable to most of Collins' solo career. The man himself has never sounded better behind the microphone, and the production - also by the band - is beautiful.

The overall result, while hardly a classic, is a fine piece of work which does not need to be derided by those who only want to stick with Genesis' days of true 1970's-style progressive rock.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor