Live Over Europe 2007 by Genesis

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Live Over Europe 2007 by Genesis
Live Over Europe 2007 by Genesis

Album Released: 2007

Live Over Europe 2007 ::: Artwork

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1.Dukes (Intro)3:49
2.Turn It On Again4:26
3.No Son Of Mine6:57
4.Land Of Confusion5:11
5.In The Cage / Cinema Show / Dukes Travels13:30
7.Hold On My Heart5:58
8.Home By The Sea11:59
9.Follow You, Follow Me4:19
10.Firth Of Fifth (excerpt)4:40
11.I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)6:45
14.Throwing It All Away6:01
16.Conversations With 2 Stools6:59
17.Los Endos6:25
18.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (excerpt)3:49
19.Invisible Touch5:35
20.I Can't Dance6:12
21.Carpet Crawlers6:00


This double-disc, two-hour-long live collection contains some splendidly solid renditions of some of Genesis' classic tunes, but don't expect anything mind-blowing.

It's roughly the same quality as any previous live recording from the Collins era, and if you've listened to any of those, then you're probably aware that the band tended to perform their songs to match their studio counterparts as closely as possible. For the most part, the same applies here.

All these live recordings were taken from various shows Genesis performed around Europe (hence the title), but they also did a leg of the tour in America. Except they skipped Seattle, which is the great big city that I happen to live in. It's like they were avoiding me or something, simply because I never liked their song “Hold On My Heart”! Screw that! It's not like I would've thrown eggs at them for performing it or anything. Oh well, I don't suppose I would've been able to afford a ticket at that time anyway, as I was going back to my engineering studies after months of unsuccessful job searchs. So I was dirt poor.

As to be expected, Genesis acknowledge their distant prog rock past on this live album, but not too much. “Firth of Fifth” and “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” are always great listens. They also do a medley of sorts by combining “In the Cage” with “Cinema Show” and “Duke's Travels”, which works quite well. There are also plenty of additions from A Trick of the Tail, all of which I find delightful.

But the main focus of this album of course, is material from the pop-Genesis years. There's hearty smatterings of most of their staples, including “Turn It On Again”, “No Son of Mine”, “Land of Confusion”, “Hold On My Heart” (gag), “Home By the Sea”, “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”, and “I Can't Dance”. And then there's my favorite pop-Genesis song of all, “Mama”, which impressively demonstrates that Collins could still do those devil-laughs with conviction! But why didn't they do “Jesus He Knows Me”? Or anything from Abacab? Seriously, why no love for Abacab?

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