Soundtrack: Carnage Visors by The Cure

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Soundtrack: Carnage Visors by The Cure
Soundtrack: Carnage Visors by The Cure

Album Released: 1981

Carnage Visors ::: Artwork

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It seems this is a soundtrack. The oddity is that this is just one 27-minute track, so it isn't a 'soundtrack album'. And in fact, the only official release it ever had was as the B-side of a Cure cassette, with the entire Faith album on Side A. So I have no idea whether this 'soundtrack' was ever released as such - it only appears in compilations of rarities and suchlike, so it's not a trivial task trying to acquire it.

And that's a shame, because this alb-- er, this 'piece' - is outstanding. What's so amazing is that it manages to contain a lot of the 'essence' of The Cure from this epoch in a way none of their albums ever did. Furthermore, there's an irony in that - for as much as Robert Smith's lyrics are important and all - this piece captures the band's 'mood' without having a single word whatsoever. For whilst it's true The Cure did very few instrumentals - most of them are on Seventeen Seconds - they weren't that good. Well, this piece just REEKS of Cureism. So if you want to know what what the band really sound like, come here - you may even find Pornography seems a bit childish in comparison.

Am I exaggerating? I dunno. But I'm just amazed that the band does such a good job here, and that they never tried something similar on their 'official' albums. Smith often tried to achieve the this same effect in other ways, yet it turns out Carnage Visors outshines much of The Cure's other work, at least from around the time of Pornography.

I guess that was because Smith & Co. weren't trying to call everyone's attention to the fact that they were sad and depressed and angsty. This time, they had a clear mood to convey, and that's what they do - try to convey a mood. And they succeed. The mood here is nervousness, tension, fright, and almost agony. It's like you're in a situation where you may die in 27 minutes, but you have no idea if you will die or if you'll survive. So all you can do is wait. But you can't wait, because your mind doesn't quiet down. Get the idea? There's a nagging feeling in the back of your brain, it almost hurts. You just want time to pass faster - you don't even care if you will die or not, you just want to see what will happen. I don't know if that was the intention, but these feelings are very clear when I listen to this.

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by Reviewer: Fernando Canto (blogging at Sir Mustapha's Album Reviews [Defunct])