4:13 Dream by The Cure

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4:13 Dream by The Cure
4:13 Dream by The Cure

Album Released: 2008

4:13 Dream ::: Artwork

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1.Underneath The Stars6:17
2.The Only One3:55
3.The Reasons Why4:35
6.The Real Snow White4:42
7.The Hungry Ghost4:29
9.The Perfect Boy3:21
10.This. Here And Now. With You4:06
11.Sleep When I'm Dead3:51
12.The Scream4:36
13.It's Over4:17


Smith is still singing of boys and girls, rather than men and women ... at nearly 50 years of age at the time of this album's release, isn't it time he grew up?

4:13 Dream was originally supposed to be a double album, but it suffers from the same problem as all post-Wish Cure albums - a reason to exist. What's left is an album that's largely yet another attempt to pick up from where Wish left off. The return of Porl Thompson has had an effect, his scratchy guitar sound is all over the album, reminding me of classic Cure gone by. So whilst The Cure are merely repeating themselves, long-term fans will inevitably find much to enjoy in such moments.

"The Only One", "Freakshow", "The Perfect Boy", and "Sleep When I'm Dead" were released as singles, each on the 13th day of the month, from May 2008 onwards. A smart promotional idea, or at least it would've been if any of them had made any impact outside of the inner circle of dedicated Cure fans. But none of those four singles are particularly good compared to past Cure efforts. "The Only One" is the clearest commercial moment, mentioning the word 'love' 23 times, and sounding like a cousin of "Friday I'm In Love". The other three singles are really just decent album tracks.

Overall, the sound of 4:13 Dream is somewhere between Disintegration and Wish, as if Smith had been in stasis for twenty years.

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by Reviewer: Adrian Denning (blogging at Adrian's Album Reviews)