Touch by Eurythmics

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Touch by Eurythmics
Touch by Eurythmics

Album Released: 1983

Touch ::: Artwork

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1.Here Comes The Rain Again4:54
3.Right By Your Side4:05
4.Cool Blue4:48
5.Who's That Girl?4:46
6.First Cut4:44
8.No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)5:24
9.Paint A Rumour7:30


Eurythmics had become major international sensations by now, thanks to their elegantly minimal album Sweet Dreams. I suppose not wanting to repeat themselves for the follow-up, this album explores more musical styles, and its synth-textures tend to be more flowery.

They did however keep the one thing that worked extremely well - Annie Lennox's belt-i-tude. The vocal performances here are once again phenomenal. Touch is also the album that confirmed Eurythmics' place in the public lexicon, as there are a number of very well-known songs here.

The biggest hit was the album opener “Here Comes the Rain Again”, a terrifically catchy bit of synth-pop with soaring vocals, high-flying synth-string arrangements, and a moody atmosphere. “Who's That Girl?” (not to be confused with the Madonna song) was another hit, a lowkey and cold though engaging ballad with convincingly spiteful lyrics.

I also find most of the other songs entertaining, although I'm less enthusiastic about them. “Aqua” is a playful thing with a low rumbling groove, a clutter of synthesizer effects, and some cunning guitar-work. “Cool Blue” starts out a bit slowly, but escalates into a memorable chorus. “Right By Your Side” is the most unusual song - and a minor hit in the UK - a synth-pop calypso (my gut tells me combining synth-pop and calypso could never work, but it does here).

“The First Cut” is basically a loop that gets repeated over and over. It is however a driving loop. “No Fear, No Hate, No Pain” is a sprawling morose thing that is completely made by Lennox's awe-inspiring performance soaring over all, leaving pinwheels in my eyes. They drop the ball a bit at the end though, with “Paint a Rumour”, a lengthy number with a stiff groove that gets a bit annoying, although it contains some interesting synth effects.

All in all then, a very good album.

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)

Eurythmics' third album, and their second of 1983, remains their best of all.

To a degree, it carries on with the moody eeriness of their previous release, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), but with more conventional tracks as well, most notably "Who's That Girl?" and the bright and breezy calypso-flavoured "Right By Your Side", where Annie and Dave really show they're not just adept at techno/pop.

But the experimental moodiness is where the duo continues to shine, starting with the classic string-laden "Here Comes the Rain Again", which is kind of a retread of the song "Sweet Dreams", only better, while "Cool Blue" and "The First Cut" also cut it with their swaggering (in the case of the former) and bouncy (the latter) styles.

But the best for me is "No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)", with its melodramatic verses making way for the chanted chorus to result in a memorable track that never fails to grab.

As before, through it all Annie Lennox's voice dominates, whether she's singing, crooning, crying, or even breathing. But she is more than amply supported by the variety of keyboards, guitars, booming drum beats, brass and strings. Really, the Eurythmics show just how to bring such different worlds together with a sure hand.

Touch is not quite a classic, but it remains an album of high quality, one they were never able to match again, despite having much more success as the 80's progressed.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor