Canon by Ani DiFranco

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Canon by Ani DiFranco
Canon by Ani DiFranco

Album Released: 2007

Canon ::: Artwork

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1.Fire Door2:58
2.God's Country2:48
3.You Had Time5:47
4.Buildings And Bridges4:02
5.Coming Up2:30
6.Cradle & All4:17
8.32 Flavors6:07
12.Untouchable Face3:37
13.Joyful Girl4:29
14.Little Plastic Castle4:03
16.As Is4:06
17.Napoleon [New Version]4:37
18.Shameless [New Version]4:11
19.Hello Birmingham5:18
20.This Box Contains0:28
22.Prison Prism1:34
24.Here For Now3:06
26.Rain Check4:00
30.Studying Stones3:50
32.78% H2O3:30
33.Millennium Theater3:16
34.Your Next Bold Move [New Version]4:58
35.Both Hands [New Version]3:21
36.Overlap [New Version]5:20


In 2005, DiFranco made CMJ's list of the 25 most influential artists of the last 25 years, alongside The Pixies, Nirvana, and Radiohead.

But DiFranco's very much a 'love her or hate her' kind of artist. I know of a lot of rock fans who are kind of snobby about female singer/songwriters - yes, even in the 21st century. Her voice swoops and weaves in and out of her powerful and impressively speedy acoustic guitar playing. And she hasn't just confined herself to being a folky singer-songwriter - over the years she's covered pop / rock / jazz / funk - you name it, she's probably done it.

Hardcore fans maintain that the ideal setting for appreciating Ani Difranco is live - I can't say, as I've yet to see her in concert. That's because I live in the United Kingdom, and she doesn't come to these shores very often, where her fanbase is much smaller than in the US. But she replaced Tori Amos as my all-time favourite female singer/songwriter some ten years ago. As far as I'm personally concerned, nobody else I've come across since comes close to Ani DiFranco - and when it comes to Ani, her best tunes just get right into my heart, and stay there.

Anyway, Canon is released via Difranco's own label Righteous Babe, which has been running since 1990, when she recorded and released her first album. It's a best-of selection hand-picked by DiFranco herself.

I won't pick out my own highlights, because fans and newcomers will always have their own different favourites. I like that - it's a sign of a quality artist. So if you haven't investigated Ani DiFranco before, try digging into the generous two-plus hours of music offered by Canon - it's a great gateway into her catalogue proper.

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by Reviewer: Adrian Denning (blogging at Adrian's Album Reviews)