Pat Boone's Golden Hits by Pat Boone

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Pat Boone's Golden Hits by Pat Boone
Pat Boone's Golden Hits by Pat Boone

Album Released: 1962

Pat Boone

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1.Speedy Gonzales2:30
2.Johnny Will2:26
4.The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango2:20
5.With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair2:35
6.Dear John2:50
7.(Welcome) New Lovers2:25
8.For A Penny2:16
9.Big Cold Wind2:09
10.Twixt Twelve And Twenty2:18
12.Walking The Floor Over You2:20


This compilation from 1962 looked to cash-in on the success Boone had that year with the novelty rock'n'roll number "Speedy Gonzales", whose opening la-la-la was subsequently commemorated by Elton John in the chorus of "Crocodile Rock".

Boone was more an old-school crooner than a rock'n'roll performer however, and - although that song leads this collection - at 3½ stars it's the least meritable A-side, and also the least representative of the rest of the material.

With Boone being such a prolific recording artist, Golden Hits is really just a sampling of just a few of his singles from preceding years. In addition to "Speedy Gonzales", there's six A-sides and five B-sides from 1958 through to 1961. And apart from one other novelty number - a throwaway 2½ star B-side called "The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango" - the standard of material is pretty good, and sees Boone covering a variety of styles.

What's rather extraordinary in retrospect though, is that - well over 50 years later - the tracks that have proved most durable, and are the best of this bunch, were all originally B-sides!

So at 5 stars, B-sides "With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair" [1958] and "(Welcome) Young Lovers" [1960] are both excellent examples of Boone's ability to make his voice float seemingly effortlessly whilst carrying a tune. Then there's the 4½ star "Alabam", another B-side also from 1960, and a fine Johnny Cash-style number, with some bluegrass banjo thrown into the mix to enhance the country flavour. Likewise, "Walking the Floor Over You" is another 4½ star 1960 B-side, and a jaunty number that would've suited Jim Reeves very well.

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