Kylie by Kylie Minogue

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Kylie by Kylie Minogue
Kylie by Kylie Minogue

Album Released: 1988

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1.I Should Be So Lucky3:24
2.The Loco-Motion3:14
3.Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquois4:01
4.It's No Secret3:58
5.Got To Be Certain3:19
6.Turn It Into Love3:37
7.I Miss You3:15
8.I'll Still Be Loving You3:50
9.Look My Way3:36
10.Love At First Sight3:08


The most embarrassing thing I'm ever going to admit to is that I can lip-synch the lyrics to “I Should Be So Lucky” (there's maybe only two dozen songs I can lip-synch to, which is why it's embarrassing). I don't even remember why I've even listened to that song in the first pl--- oh wait, I know: I saw a picture of her. Good lawdy.

Kylie Minogue was a soap opera star from Australia, who left her acting career to find fame and fortune as a pop singer. She would catch her break quickly when the hottest songwriting and production team of the time, SAW (Stock, Aitken, Waterman), took her under their wing. And thus, a new international sensation was born! (except in the USA where she's known, but not terribly big).

She has an excellent set of pipes too - exuberant, brassy, and charismatic - or rather, she sings exactly like she looks. Minogue's voice is so potent that it could even make SAW's most insufferable song sufferable. I mean, I could think of the same album but with Rick Astley on vocals - yeah, there's no way I'd be giving that thing 3 stars.

This leads me to the album's glaring flaw - the songwriting. SAW were notorious for providing each of their artists with only one or two decent songs, and then filling up the rest of their albums with forgettable dreck. That was purely a marketing strategy - it takes only one hit song to sucker some people into buying an album.

Minogue's hit “I Should Be So Lucky” is one of the most addictive things on the planet, although we should be so lucky if we get another one like that. Another decent-enough hit on this album was a perfectly passable synth-pop cover of “The Loco-Motion”.

A few of the other songs, like “Got to be Certain” and “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi”, were successful singles at the time, but they're not very good. There's one other song here that wasn't released as a single (except in Japan) that I find to be hooky in the way it should be, called “Turn It Into Love” - rendered into pure gold of course, because Kylie sings it.

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)

When Kylie Minogue first appeared on the local music scene, she was the subject of much derision in Australia, including from yours truly. Here was yet another soap star (she was already famous for playing Charlene in Neighbours) who thought she could sing, but was really just another puppet in the Stock/Aitken/Waterman production line.

It was also strange that she should be the one that was appearing in the music charts, when it was her sister Danielle who warbled, having been a part of the local entertainment show Young Talent Time for some years. Kylie had no future - she was the 'singing budgie' - one critic even finished his less than stellar review of one of her records by suggesting 'maybe she should try acting'.

And now we can see that we were all wrong. Well, partly. How much better she's actually become as a musical performer is for the individual to decide, but there's no denying she's had way more success, and respect, than almost anyone in 1988 could have imagined, and her discography of albums started here.

Yes, it's an obvious SAW release ... such tracks as the incessant "I Should Be So Lucky", the less in-your-face "Got To Be Certain", "Turn It Into Love", and "Love At First Sight" bear all their trademarks of uptempo plastic beats, terrible lyrics and undeniably catchy tunes which refuse to let you go.

Such pop is listenable, and when gentler, slightly more sophisticated tracks like "Je ne sais pas pourquoi" and "Look My Way" are included, then the album isn't really such a bad debut. Oh, there's also "The Loco-Motion", the Little Eva cover which really started it all. It's a slightly different version from the single, but the changes are really moot. It's standard.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor