Innuendo by Queen

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Innuendo by Queen
Innuendo by Queen

Album Released: 1991

Innuendo ::: Artwork

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2.I'm Going Slightly Mad4:22
4.I Can't Live With You4:33
5.Don't Try So Hard3:39
6.Ride The Wild Wind4:42
7.All God's People4:21
8.These Are The Days Of Our Lives4:15
10.The Hitman4:56
12.The Show Must Go On4:32


Freddie Mercury died the same year Innuendo was released, and listening to the album comfirms that the band were sure this would be their last one. That means it creates a strange sensation - the atmosphere here is very heavy.

However, I still have loads of fun with Innuendo - it's a very good record! If The Miracle sounded too much like Queen trying to sound like Queen, this one feels like Queen. There is less hit and miss here, less throwaway stuff, and more actual music. It's apparent that Queen had become comfortable with their status as a pop/rock band, and were able to write songs again without much effort.

At least, the first half of the album is great, and it doesn't really hurt that there's more keyboards and synthesizers, and less band work, as things get hot right from the start.

The title track is a slow plodding 'majestic' rocker that growls along accompanied by fake orchestras and pomp, but those vocal lines are something special. The chord changes are pretty strange too. But what matters is that Mercury seems to mean what he's singing - this is no 'waving your banner all over the place, singing we will rock you crowd-pleasing stuff - rather, his cry of Yes, we'll keep on trying! really sounds like a man at the end of his life, venting his victory call. So this is the real stuff.

"I'm Going Slightly Mad" presents Mercury's dark humour - something not seen often - and its whispery keyboard tones are quite fun too, and Deacon's bass runs sound quite weird. Another favourite of mine is the pop masterpiece "I Can't Live With You" - sure, it's just a generic rocker with a one-chord riff, but it's just so fun, so uplifting and so joyful, I can't resist it!

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by Reviewer: Fernando Canto (blogging at Sir Mustapha's Album Reviews [Defunct])

Although all good things must come to an end, the final Queen album released in Freddie Mercury's lifetime demonstrated the band had come to an end far too soon. Though you could legitimately assume the over-riding reason this album is good is because the band were well aware it would be their final album, and they wanted to go out with a bang.

I'll start by talking about the final track, which I would place in Queen's Top 5 songs ever recorded. “The Show Must Go On” is the sort of power-ballad that leaves me slack-jawed in its wake. It's a catchy tune characterized by crunchy synth-strings, and Mercury sings his heart out so much it reaches the outer-atmosphere. And then when I consider the context in which the song was recorded, I kind of get a little teary-eyed. You know, the poor guy just wanted to keep on singing and living, but he couldn't.

Even before that final song, Innuendo is an entertaining album. One of the better songs is the title track, which sounds like a combination of the styles of the band's most iconic album A Night at the Opera and their previous release The Miracle. It has distinctly late-80's / early-90's synthesizers and reverb-heavy drums, but it also has playful melodramatic development throughout, taking the listener plenty of places (most awesomely, to an extended Spanish guitar sequence in the middle).

“I'm Going Slightly Mad” is far closer to the style of The Miracle, but I've just always liked the song. It's quite silly with its mid-paced shuffle and Mercury's ghoulish vocal performance. I've always wanted to make a Halloween mix featuring that song!

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)