Coat of Many Cupboards by XTC

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Coat of Many Cupboards by XTC
Coat of Many Cupboards by XTC

Album Released: 2002

Coat of Many Cupboards ::: Artwork

Album currently unrated  Info about Weighting

1.Science Friction [CBS demo]3:32
2.Spinning Top [Live]3:00
3.Traffic Light Rock [Live]2:06
4.Radios in Motion2:54
5.Let's Have Fun1:19
6.Fireball XL5 / Fireball Dub3:24
7.Heatwave Mark 2 Deluxe1:47
8.This Is Pop [single version]2:42
9.Are You Receiving Me3:23
10.Things Fall to Bits2:26
11.Us Being Us2:55
12.Life Begins at the Hop [first rehearsal extract]1:09
13.Life Begins at the Hop [first recording, unused]3:58
14.Making Plans for Nigel [demo from Swindon Town Hall]4:15
15.Ten Feet Tall3:14
17.Wanking Man4:52
18.Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go) [Live]2:34
19.Atom Medley: Into the Atom Age / Hang on to the Night / Atom Shuffle [Live]6:52
20.Life Begins at the Hop [unused U.S. single]2:57
21.Real by Reel [unused single]3:44
22.When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty [unused single]3:21
23.Helicopter [unused single]3:30
24.Towers of London [rejected version]6:07
25.Generals and Majors [rehearsal tape]5:02
26.No Language in Our Lungs4:51
27.Sgt. Rock Is Going to Help Me3:37
28.Paper and Iron [Live]4:08
29.Crowded Room [Live]4:03
30.Senses Working Overtime [early work tape]3:31
31.Snowman [Live]5:06
32.Ball and Chain [unused single]4:21
33.Shaving Brush Boogie12:02
34.Punch and Judy [unused single]2:35
35.Fly on the Wall3:17
36.Yacht Dance [Live]4:31
37.Jason and the Argonauts5:59
38.Love on a Farmboy's Wages [home demo]3:47
39.Wonderland [home demo]4:23
41.All You Pretty Girls [home demo]4:13
42.Wake Up [home demo]4:12
43.The Everyday Story of Smalltown4:13
44.Grass [home demo]2:55
45.Let's Make a Den [home demo]2:25
46.The Meeting Place [home demo]3:51
47.Dear God [band demo]4:10
48.The Dukes of Stratosphear: Brainiac's Daughter4:03
49.The Dukes of Stratosphear: Vanishing Girl2:44
50.Terrorism [home demo]3:20
51.Find the Fox [home demo]2:37
52.Season Cycle3:21
53.The Troubles [home demo]3:17
54.Mayor of Simpleton [early work tape]2:47
55.King for a Day [home demo]3:14
56.Chalkhills and Children5:06
57.The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead [early home demo]5:34
59.The Disappointed [home demo]3:20
61.Didn't Hurt a Bit3:54
62.Books Are Burning [Live]4:48


Now this is truly a crapload of crap. It’s got the fish-or-fowl problem of many boxsets, in that it lodges a ‘greatest hits’ selection that no fan really needs, in the midst of a huge pile of demos and out-takes that any casual listener would run away from screaming.

Out of the 60 songs here, about a quarter are taken straight from the band's various albums, which is a bit of a copout in my book. But I’ll let that slide.

The remaining 2 hours or so of music is primarily demos and out-takes of well-known album tracks, ranging - as might be expected - from interesting to not-very-interesting.

But the real secret stash here is a small handful of never-before-released songs and excellent rip-roaring live tracks. In particular, the band really nails “Snowman” at a 1982 London concert.

Other highlights include lost Skylarking demos “Terrorism” and “Let’s Make a Den”, and a pair of Barry Andrews-penned Go2 out-takes, “Us Being Us” and “Things Fall to Bits”, which were sadly shelved thanks to Partridge’s clashes with his keyboard player.

Is the set worth $50 or whatever you pay for it? Probably not. Boxsets are generally just a ripoff. There's definitely some worthy material on here though, and of course you get a huge booklet with photos and band commentary and things of that nature.

by Reviewer: S M Hellebore