Crusader by Chris de Burgh

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Crusader by Chris de Burgh
Crusader by Chris de Burgh

Album Released: 1979

Crusader ::: Artwork

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1.Carry On
2.I Had The Love In My Eyes
3.Something Else Again
4.The Girl With April In Her Eyes
5.Just In Time
6.The Devil's Eye
7.It's Such A Long Way Home
8.Old-Fashioned People
9.Quiet Moments
11.I. The Fall Of Jerusalem
12.Ii. In The Court Of Saladin
13.Iii. The Battlefield
14.Iv. Finale
15.You And Me


Chris De Burgh’s fourth album has him progressing to an extent, but he’s still a long way from the high quality he was to obtain in the 80's.

Full of the ancient halls and stories of the past and the many ways of loving (from the closing “You and Me”), this is more uptempo than his previous At the End of a Perfect Day, although still with its fair share of balladic moments.

There are some very moving lyrics in “It’s Such a Long Way Home”, while there are historical stories in “The Girl With April in Her Eyes”, and the three-part epic “Crusader”, as well as the save-the-Earth theme of “Just in Time”, and another God versus the Devil tale called “The Devil’s Eye”, which is a bit of a sequel to "Spanish Train".

The music is consistently able, but not spellbindingly imaginative. So although the songs have melodies that are not without certain appeal, they have a rather perfuctionary air about them, like De Burgh has still not truly realised how much of a talented tunesmith he is.

Having said that, the grandeur of “Crusader” - a four-part, 8+minute opus concerning a battle between the Saracens and the Christians - (Heavy Metal bands would soon be having fun doing things like that), does register to an extent, thanks to some worthy drama, particularly in its second half.

Crusader remains serviceable more than memorable however - De Burgh had already done better (Spanish Train and Other Stories), and he was still a few years away from really starting to shine with some undeniably memorable material.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor