Good Times! by The Monkees

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Good Times! by The Monkees
Good Times! by The Monkees

Album Released: 2016

Good Times! ::: Artwork

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1.Good Times2:46
2.You Bring The Summer3:00
3.She Makes Me Laugh3:00
4.Our Own World2:45
5.Gotta Give It Time2:17
6.Me & Magdalena3:33
7.Whatever's Right2:00
8.Love To Love2:29
9.Little Girl2:42
10.Birth Of An Accidental Hipster3:31
11.I Wasn't Born To Follow2:53
12.I Know What I Know3:30
13.I Was There (And I'm Told I Had A Good Time) 2:15


There’s an episode of the original run of The Monkees TV series (the eighteenth to be exact), where a mad scientist ‘steals’ the band’s musical abilities and adapts them to his own Monkee monster. The typically Monkee twist is that the monster’s actually pretty good, and turns people on as much as the real thing, by sounding just enough like the original to make no difference, but with added hype and novelty factors.

By the end of the show you’re rooting for the monster almost as much as the band themselves, even though he didn’t deserve all that success and luck which all came direct from what The Monkees were doing in the 1960's - which is kind of how I feel about the response to Good Times! at the moment.

The world is currently going mad for The Monkees all over again, which is a delight for us fans to see in any form - who’d have guessed (certainly not the band it seems, judging by interviews) that they’d get a No.1 hit album (at least, based on Amazon sales figures) out of it after the last two reunion projects managed a high of just No.72 between them?  Read more ...

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