Mixed Up by The Cure

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Mixed Up by The Cure
Mixed Up by The Cure

Album Released: 1990

Mixed Up ::: Artwork

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2.Closer To Me5:46
3.Fascination Street8:48
4.The Walk5:27
6.A Forest6:56
7.Pictures Of You6:42
8.Hot Hot Hot!!!7:01
9.Why Can't I Be You?8:01
10.The Caterpillar5:41
11.In Between Days6:24
12.Never Enough6:07


Mixed Up is a compilation of Cure hits and near-misses suited for the disco, albeit the slowest disco known to man.

Not entirely wretched, the tracks here are early-90's Techno/bop remixes - some of the concoctions are 'extended', and it's all Smith can do not to actually cover the microphone in Goth Jelly, what with all the moaning and sighing going on.

Thumpa-thump-thump go the drum loops, that may've sounded fresh in 1990 but have since become irretrievably associated with Enigma. The rest of the tracks are 808'ed up in a similar manner, and for most of them the 'remixing' consists of stripping away all the guitars and upping the volume on the dance-friendly horns and squiggly noises that were either stuck in the background or were never there in the first place.

Most of the time electronic music isn't a good idea anyway, and when electronics guys start messing with songs that range from okay to flat-out-spectacular, trying to make them fit the prevailing winds of Top 40 fluff circa 1990, I'm gonna react violently.

For instance, "Pictures of You" is transformed into a fucking Milli Vanilli song, and I don't know how they do it, but they make otherwise scorching material like "Fascination Street" (something that was already damned danceable in its original form, if you ask me) into a doinky shadow of itself, punctuated by some ECG bleeps.

"The Walk" is perverted beyond recognition, becoming something that's suspiciously similar to New Order's "Blue Monday", which was a much better song anyhow. Only "The Caterpillar" is treated with anything resembling care, mutating into something rather like Peter Gabriel's world-beat stuff.

Besides "Caterpillar", the only track that survives years of dance-beat overexposure is "Never Enough", which exposes something Smith had kept well-hidden under years and years of delay-pedal sloporama - somewhere along the line he became a pretty great traditional Hard Rock guitar player, and "Never Enough" has some great Stones-y / Hendrix-y guitar raunch of the kind mid-90's Primal Scream loved to rip out.

Otherwise, just half-an-hour with ProTools and a copy of Disintegration would produce an improvement on Mixed Up.

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by Reviewer: Capt Bonanza (blogging at Capn Marvel's Bonanza [Defunct])

Mixed Up is a strange little oddity - some mixes I quite like, others just left me scratching my head.

There's a lot of the extended remixes taken from 12" singles, so only about half the album is new remixes, and those are a mixed bag. Generally then, this stuff is amusing the first few listens, but it grows old pretty fast.

If you don't have the 12" singles with their extended remixes, this would be a great collection. Otherwise, most fans could probably do without it.

by Reviewer: Austin