Pink Suit Blue Day by Eurogliders

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Pink Suit Blue Day by Eurogliders
Pink Suit Blue Day by Eurogliders

Album Released: 1982

Pink Suit Blue Day ::: Artwork

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1.Jeepney Talk3:12
2.Without You4:06
3.Through Your Window4:16
4.Laughing Matter3:23
5.Darkest Hours4:49
6.Get Me Out of Here2:52
7.Touching Me3:23
8.On the Nightline3:16


Eurogliders were an Australian sextet (for a while) from Perth whose main driving force was guitarist and songwriter Bernie Lynch, who also traded lead vocals with the other main member Grace Knight.

Lynch specialised in engaging New Wave pop songs which were not always as simple as they first appeared, and he particularly loved to douse his work with catchy choruses, sometimes repeated a number of times, while touching them up with imaginative instrumental bits and voice work.

I got to know Eurogliders through their second album This Island, to the point where I virtually know that one back to front, and it wasn't until I'd collected that and the band's following two releases that I came across this debut, and - while it's a bit rough around the edges - it's still quite a consistent and engaging listen.

Ironically, having said Lynch loved his choruses, the opening "Jeepney Talk" doesn't really have one, although its mysterious sounds and vocoder vocals do grab attention. But there're plenty of singalong moments beyond thats, on the likes of "Through Your Window", the soulful "Darkest Hour", "On the Nightline", and the closing "Americans" - all highlights. The lyrics throughout are quite cryptic.

Pink Suit Blue Day has never quite won me over the way This Island did, but it remains a most worthwhile collection of early-80's Australian pop, and there's no real surprise that the Eurogliders went on to find considerable if all too brief popularity in the land of Oz.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor