Paris by The Cure

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Paris by The Cure
Paris by The Cure

Album Released: 1993

Paris ::: Artwork

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1.The Figurehead7:26
2.One Hundred Years7:15
3.At Night6:39
4.Play For Today3:50
6.In Your House3:59
9.A Letter To Elise4:50
10.Dressing Up2:49
11.Charlotte Sometimes3:58
12.Close To Me3:57


The early-90's seemed to be some sort of a watershed for concurrently released CDs, what with two Guns 'n' Roses releases, and Springsteen's Lucky Town and Human Touch.

Then there's The Cure's Show and Paris, which started the whole trend of releasing multiple live CD's from the same tour. Yup, we can blame the mascara'd mascot for leading Pearl Jam's record company to believe releasing several dozen live shows from each tour was an astoundingly good idea (wait, aren't Pearl Jam on their own label?).

Anyway, live doubles used to be some major pinnacle of a band's self-absorption - think The Song Remains the Same, or Frampton Comes Alive - and live triples were saved for overbearing loons like Yes, ELP, and the Grateful Dead.

So here's The Cure, probably not too many people's idea of a live legend based on the previously available material that comprised the decent but not revelatory Concert, with what amounts to a live quadruple album, taken from some 1993 shows in Pittsburgh, of all places. I mean, Pittsburgh isn't Goth - it's like, cute and kinda Polish and stuff. I guess it's 'rust belt', but all I know from my wife's friend who lives there is that there's a lot of bike trails. Bike trails are about as dark and foreboding as an episode of Tellytubbies. You'd have to go to Detroit or Gary, Indiana, or some rusted out, post-apocalyptic hellhole like Amarillo, Texas (where I am now, btw) that resembles nothing less than The Hub in the Fallout games.

Now that I actually have to discuss the music here, I'm gonna take an obvious copout and plead my 'Live Album Rule of 4½ stars', since both of these albums are immaculately performed, sung bravely by Smith, are well-programmed and paced, but add not one tickle over their studio counterparts.

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by Reviewer: Capt Bonanza (blogging at Capn Marvel's Bonanza [Defunct])

Paris is the 'other' live album, and the fact that it starts off with two selections from Pornography should indicate right away that it was for all the fans who were somewhat underwhelmed with Show.

Paris is clearly the better of the two live releases, and is of significance because it's among the last shows that saw Porl Thompson and Boris Williams still with the band - both would leave The Cure before the next studio album.

That, coupled with an excellent song selection, makes for a great live album, though I'd admit that when it comes down to it, live albums only keep my attention for so long.

by Reviewer: Austin