I Want You by Marvin Gaye

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I Want You by Marvin Gaye
I Want You by Marvin Gaye

Album Released: 1976

I Want You ::: Artwork

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1.I Want You (Vocal)4:35
2.Come Live With Me Angel6:28
3.After The Dance (Instrumental)4:21
4.Feel All My Love Inside3:23
5.I Wanna Be Where You Are1:17
6.I Want You (Intro Jam)0:20
7.All The Way Around3:50
8.Since I Had You4:05
9.Soon I'll Be Loving You Again3:14
10.I Want You (Intro Jam)1:41
11.After The Dance4:40


Jokingly referred to as 'Let's Get It On Some More', this soundtrack-ish makeout album represented Gaye's only new music of any note between 1974 and 1978.

The album was seen as a major disappointment at the time, given Gaye's still considerable reputation at that point. The fact that - after an interminable wait of three years - the album he finally put out was relatively personality-free light bedroom-disco dedicated to a teenage girl he wanted to screw, rather than a new chapter in the his 'Great Book of Soul Conscience' really pissed some people off.

So - after this - Gaye's reputation returned to Earth, where the rest of the aging Motown stable were waiting to greet him. And outside of the massive disco hit "Got to Give It Up" in 1977, here was where he'd stay, at least until The Big Chill and "Sexual Healing" made it okay for white folk to like him again.

Times change of course, and 70's rock critics had become humorless old farts championing Randy Newman albums, so nowadays this album is like rarified air - an artless tossoff sure, but made in such a sweaty uninhibited way - I mean, no fewer than two songs here have fake girl orgasm sounds in the background. You couldn't release something this explicitly dirty and unapologetic today.

So forget the crude bluntness of rap lyrics, or the unsexy plasticine-prepared MTV 'honeys' that populate the 'explicit' musical landscape these days ... all that stuff is about as arousing as a stale bologna sandwich. This stuff was made by a married guy, most likely higher than Spacelab, who really wanted to have sex with some underage slut, and sung lines like you're my sake (sounding like 'suckee'). The 70's were a long time ago.

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