Desperate by Divinyls

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Desperate by Divinyls
Desperate by Divinyls

Album Released: 1983

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1.I'll Make You Happy3:21
2.Science Fiction3:32
3.Casual Encounter3:19
7.Ring Me Up3:07
8.Take a Chance3:23
9.Sahara Rock2:35
10.Don't You Go Walking6:09


Divinyls' 1985 album What A Life! remains one of my favourite albums of the 80's, and I don't think anything else they've done comes close to it. It was very much steeped in New Wave, but before that they had a more raw punk-edged rock style that is amply demonstrated on this release.

Offically, Desperate is this Australian band's first album, although they did provide the soundtrack for the 1982 film Monkey Grip beforehand.

Divinyls consisted primarily of vocalist Chrissy Amphlett (cousin of 1960's Australian singer Little Pattie) and guitarist Mark McEntee, but it was the former who everyone remembers. With her loopy stage performances (and sometimes vocals too, with a touch of yodel now and again), cavorting around in a school uniform like the twisted little sister of Angus Young, she oozed teenage sexuality despite being well beyond those years.

Desperate is not a consistent enough release to make it a classic, but when it works, it works well. That's the case with the opening cover of The Easybeats' "I'll Make You Happy", which snarls at the listener straightaway, along with the smooth "Science Fiction" and "Ring Me Up".

But none top the super "Siren" ... with McEntee joining in on vocals, that one knocks all the others out the water, the music being so good that, even when they recite most of the alphabet halfway through, it somehow escapes sounding lame.

As I said, What A Life! remains Divinyls' pinnacle, but this album has grown on me over time, and it's certainly worth the indulgence as well.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor