El Momento Descuidado by The Church

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El Momento Descuidado by The Church
El Momento Descuidado by The Church

Album Released: 2004

El Momento Descuidado ::: Artwork

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1.The Unguarded Moment3:35
3.Almost With You4:28
8.A New Season3:43
9.All I Know4:18
10.Till The Cows Come Home3:14
12.Under The Milky Way4:51
14.Between Mirages3:17


After the noise/pop of Forget Yourself, El Momento Descuidado is quite a surprise, as it's an all-acoustic album of past fan favorites and hits, along with a few new songs, all wonderful.

It's way more than just 'OK we're playing everything on acoustic guitars' though - there's piano, accordian, percussion played only with brushes, and a stand-up acoustic bass - all added for extra texture.

The selection is excellent too. I know it's going to be done right when the album starts off with "The Unguarded Moment". And amongst other items from the band's peak period, there's also "Almost With You"; Koppes takes his vocal cue on a brilliant new piano-led arrangement of "A New Season"; and "Under the Milky Way" gets a super-slow / super-creepy rendition that's so fantastic it's even better than the original. Of the new songs, only "November" is a dud, but that's offset by the flat-out stunner "0408".

The few inclusions from more recent albums stand up just as well alongside the older material, and when Willson-Piper takes lead vocal on "Chromium" from After Everything Now This, it had me wondering if the band's quality ever dipped in the first place.

The presence of the new songs really showcases the band's rediscovered sense of pop classicism, and the album in fact sounds so good I'd even suggest it could be the perfect introduction to The Church.

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by Reviewer: Austin (blogging at Austin's Page)