El Momento Siguiente by The Church

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El Momento Siguiente by The Church
El Momento Siguiente by The Church

Album Released: 2007

El Momento Siguiente ::: Artwork

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1.Wide Open Road3:43
2.It's No Reason5:42
5.Electric Lash3:22
6.After Everything5:32
7.Song In The Afternoon3:30
8.Two Places At Once8:07
11.Pure Chance5:56
13.NSEW (North, South, East, West)3:28


A couple of years after the band's first acoustic album, they decided to release another one, of past hits and a couple of new songs. I initially raised an eyebrow and gave it the shifty eye, thinking it was a cash-in, but on the contrary, El Momento Siguiente is easily as good as El Momento Descuidado.

In fact, the first five songs alone pretty much outdo Descuidado - just look at the titles - two are from Seance. The new piano-heavy rendition of "It's No Reason" puts a violin where the children's choir used to be, to create a really special moment - it's practically my favorite song by the band anyway, and it's just wonderful to hear again in any context. But they really outdid themselves there.

Right after that is "Reptile", in a really swanky nearly-lounge rendition, followed by a sitar-heavy reinvention of "Tantalized" that's as psychedelic as it gets, without even trying. Holy shit, that's good. Then - after a bunch of new songs, and incredibly epic revisions of "Pure Chance" and "Grind" - the band again wrap things up with a new instrumental track.

But hot damn, what a great album! Arguably better than the first one. You know an album like this is good when it makes you go back and re-evaluate older songs you'd disregarded. And that's what both of the acoustic Momento albums do, this one especially.

In a disappointing move, Cooking Vinyl chose not to release this album in my part of the world, so you'd have to seek out the Australian Liberation Music pressing as an expensive import. Still, it's well worth it.

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by Reviewer: Austin (blogging at Austin's Page)