Points On The Curve by Wang Chung

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Points On The Curve by Wang Chung
Points On The Curve by Wang Chung

Album Released: 1983

Points On The Curve ::: Artwork

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1.Dance Hall Days4:01
3.True Love3:53
4.The Waves4:28
5.Look at Me Now4:37
6.Don't Let Go4:21
7.Even If You Dream4:10
8.Don't Be My Enemy4:23
9.Devoted Friends4:08
10.Talk It Out4:47


Wang Chung (stylized here as WANG Chung) were initially called Huang Chung, and released an album under that name in 1982, but it flopped, and I've never come across it myself.

Then came a change of labels and name, and they started to find some success, thanks to a few hit singles, although the only one I can remember making a mark here in Australia (before their bigger success a couple of years later) was the curiously grabbing "Dance Hall Days", which was one of the regular songs played on the radio when I was becoming interested in popular music circa 1984.

This accompanying album is in a way typical of 1980's synth/pop, with keyboards and guitars vying with each other, while the drums are prominent. Singer Jack Hues' voice is also pleasant to listen to, reminding me of Daryl Hall on occasions, and the songs are overall quite catchy, with nice imaginative touches throughout.

As well as "Dance Hall Days", highlights include "Wait", "Don't Let Go", "Look At Me Now" and "Don't Be My Enemy", with all but "Look at Me Now" released as singles, although I wasn't familiar with the other three until I found this record years later for $2 at a second-hand shop.

Whilst I no longer view Points On The Curve as a classic, it's still a rather winning piece of pop from an era I will always have much love for. When I don't feel I can manage to get a lot more from something like Rio, which I know back to front after over 30 years of pleasure, it's nice to remember there are albums such as this, with which I'm less familiar, and can continue to enjoy more with each listen.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor