The Okra Years by Ass Ponys

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The Okra Years by Ass Ponys
The Okra Years by Ass Ponys

Album Released: 2005

The Okra Years ::: Artwork

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1.Good With Guns5:10
2.I Love Bob2:58
4.It's Not Happening4:32
5.Ball Peen5:58
7.Julia Pastrana3:30
9.Her Father Was A Sailor5:33
10.We All Love Peanut Butter3:47
11.All Tomorrow's Parties7:50
12.Go-Go Kitty4:11
13.Mr. Superlove4:56
14.Hey Swifty5:34
15.Eleven Eleven4:52
16.Thankyou For The Roses3:43
17.Ride Ramona3:57
18.Fingers Fall5:03
19.Is It Blood?3:52
21.Laughing At The Ghosts5:35
22.Some Kind Of Fun3:16
23.Not Happy3:26


Because I thoroughly enjoyed Electric Rock Music and The Known Universe, I was prompted to backpedal through the Ass Ponys' catalogue in search of more goodies, but as the band's earlier albums are long out-of-print, the next best thing was this archival release.

The Okra Years is a 2CD compilation ... the first nine tracks are lifted from the band's 16-song second album from 1993, Grim. And the remaining fifteen tracks consist of eight tracks from their 10-song debut, 1990's Mr. Superlove, intermingled with some demos and covers (the tracks not included from the first two albums were omitted because apparently the band no longer care for them, which may've been just as well, as twentyfour tracks is a lot of Ass Ponys to digest as it is).

Whilst none of the material here is as good as anything on Electric Rock Music and The Known Universe, that's to be expected I guess, as this collection represents the band's formative years. Still, the distinctive Ass Ponys sound is for the most part present, meaning lead singer Chuck Cleaver already sounds like a teenage country hick with a cracked voice half-emulating Neil Young, and the warm jangly/fuzzy guitars are in place too. In fact, the guitars are VERY fuzzy on the first three or four tracks, so it looks like the band may've toned that down somewhat on later recordings.

I was initially disappointed that none of this material matches the band's later work, but after a few listens I found all the songs from Grim (the first nine tracks) were pretty good growers, so I'd rate them all at around 4½ stars.

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