The Swing by INXS

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The Swing by INXS
The Swing by INXS

Album Released: 1984

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1.Original Sin5:19
2.Melting in the Sun3:25
3.I Send a Message3:25
4.Dancing on the Jetty4:37
5.The Swing3:54
6.Johnson's Aeroplane3:54
7.Love Is (What I Say)3:43
8.Face the Change3:36
9.Burn for You4:58
10.All the Voices6:10


1984 was when I started getting into pop/rock music, and INXS were one of the bands I heard a lot on the radio. I believe they had five singles released from this their fourth album, and "Original Sin", "Burn for You", and "I Send a Message" were staples on the station I listened to, while "Dancing on the Jetty" and "Love Is (What I Say)" weren't too far behind.

It also helped that The Swing was one of the albums played regularly over the department store where I worked soon after leaving school. I never loved any of those songs really, and they weren't enough to encourage me to buy the album, but I still got to know them quite well, and now - having gotten into the band's catalogue - I can appreciate them more, although no doubt there's some nostalgia in there somewhere.

INXS' jerky, funky style here might seem a bit repetitive (notice how even when "Dancing on the Jetty" has a quiet string-laden opening, it quickly changes to the same feisty funk style as the previous "I Send a Message"), but there's no denying the above-mentioned songs are all pretty catchy, and "Jetty" in particular does has a lovely chorus.

The non-singles are pretty decent too, from the title track to the haunting "Johnson's Aeroplane", while the concluding "All the Voices" ends things on a memorably harmonious high. Only "Face the Change" is a bit plain.

In truth, The Swing is far superior to the band's previous and rather mediocre Shabooh Shoobah, and in my view it's their second best album, only topped by 1992's Welcome to Wherever You Are.

Why hadn't I tried INXS sooner?

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by Reviewer: The Doctor