This Island by Eurogliders

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This Island by Eurogliders
This Island by Eurogliders

Album Released: 1984

This Island ::: Artwork

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3.No Action3:25
4.Never Say3:35
5.Maybe Only I Dream3:17
6.Cold Comfort3:35
7.Keep It Quiet2:52
8.Nothing to Say3:42
9.Another Day in the Big World3:02
10.Judy's World3:53
11.Waiting for You4:25
12.It's the Way3:33


Perth, Australia band Eurogliders' second album remains their best, with an exceptional array of tuneful pop, although it shines more on the first half than the second.

As before, the vocals are shared by Grace Knight and songwriter Bernie Lynch, and Lynch again delivers songs where the verses are simply gradual build-ups to irresistible choruses that usually dominate, benefiting from a nice balance of guitars and keyboards, as well as some imaginative vocal arrangements.

"Heaven" - also known as "Heaven (Must Be There)" - was the band's big hit at the time, and the chimes are a nice touch, but there are better songs that follow, such as the punchy "No Action", charming "Never Say", and especially the disarming "Maybe Only I Dream", while "Cold Comfort" finishes off Side One with effective moodiness.

The second half veers a bit towards mediocrity, no more so than the weakest song here, "Judy's World", but "Nothing to Say" is a winner with its call-and-response hook, while "Another Day in the Big World" is bright and bubbly, before the concluding "It's the Way" really finishes things impressively with its relentless rhythmic chanting and peculiar crowd effects.

This Island is an album I bought at the time of its release, before I even knew the band had already released an earlier album, and I now know this one back to front. It remains a favourite of mine, and is certainly one of a number of very impressive and enjoyable Australian pop albums released during this period in the 1980's.

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