Revisited by Eartha Kitt

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Revisited by Eartha Kitt
Revisited by Eartha Kitt

Album Released: 1960

Revisited ::: Artwork

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1.I Wantcha Around2:24
2.Uska Dara3:32
3.Let's Do It2:36
4.Angelitos Negros3:17
5.Apres Moi (After Me)3:21
6.C'est Si Bon2:30
7.Just An Old Fashioned Girl2:42
8.April In Portugal2:32
9.I Want To Be Evil2:53
10.My Heart Belongs To Daddy2:43
11.Lilac Wine3:22
12.Santa Baby2:43


Eartha Kitt's career peak was during the first half of the 1950's, when she scored several Top 10 hits on the US Billboard charts, one of which - "Under the Bridges of Paris" - was also a 1955 Top 10 hit in the UK.

Although Revisited is something of a grab-bag compilation from 1960, it represents quite a good cross-section of material from that period:

Included are two hit singles - "C'est Si Bon" from 1953, and "Santa Baby" from 1954. Of the remaining tracks ... "I Want to Be Evil" [1953] / "Uska Dara" [1953] / "I Wantcha Around" [1954] / "Let's Do It" [1954] / "Just an Old Fashioned Girl" [1958] ... were all released as singles that failed to chart.

Then apart from those single releases, included from her 1953 debut album Eartha Kitt is "Angelitos Negros" / "April in Portugal" / "Lilac Wine"; and from 1954's That Bad Eartha "My Heart Belongs to Daddy". Lastly, from 1955's Down to Eartha comes "Apres Moi".

I was entirely unacquainted with Kitt's music prior to checking out this album, so I anticipated she'd probably come across as fairly typical of early 1950's female Jazz singers.

Well, that turned out to be pretty wide of the mark, as Kitt has a very unusual way of singing - she comes across almost like a novelty singer - perhaps best described by way of comparison: If Jim Henson had created a singing character for The Muppet Show that sounded like an amusing parody of Edith Piaf, then Eartha Kitt would've been ideal for voicing the part.

So yes, Kitt's style of singing takes some getting used to, and whilst it's OK over the course of a 30-minute album such as this, I'm not sure I'd want to accomodate say, a twenty-track compilation.

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