Imaginary Man by Izit (Tony Colman)

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Imaginary Man by Izit (Tony Colman)
Imaginary Man by Izit (Tony Colman)

Album Released: 1995

Imaginary Man ::: Artwork

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1.Mother Of Mine7:00
2.Just A Matter Of Time4:25
3.Elijah's Blue5:39
4.This Harmony4:16
6.You're Losing Me3:53
7.Imaginary Man5:31
9.Feel Like Makin' Love4:24
10.I Believe Von Daniken5:30
11.Undiscovered Land Architecture3:58


Izit were a 6-piece UK acid/jazz band, whose principle members were Tony Colman (who went on to form Hospital Records, and record as London Elektricity), and lead vocalist Nicola Bright-Thomas, who between them wrote most of the material for Imaginary Man.

The album mostly consists of semi-laidback slightly-funky lounge/jazz, played on guitar / flute / organ / and percussion, with Bright-Thomas's vocals at the front of the mix. The presence of a flute at times half-brings to mind the music of Brazilian jazzman Deodato, who had been modestly successful back in the 1970's.

Colman's bass guitar is quite prominent relative to the rest of the instruments, and it's that along with Bright-Thomas's vocals that carry the melodies (to the extent there are any that is), while the rest of the band busy themselves fleshing out any empty spaces in the mix.

Whilst the backings are OK, Bright-Thomas's vocals just put my teeth on edge ... to my ears her voice seems quite undisciplined - the dynamics are all over the place, and she also sounds out-of-key / flat relative to the backing. All the more surprising then, that nowadays she lists her profession as 'vocal coach'. I guess she's an acquired taste.

Colman mentions in an online interview with from July 2012, that 'We did release some shocking records as well as some good ones. But that’s how you learn', and I can't help wondering if Imaginary Man would be one of the shockers he's referring to, as - at 61 minutes - it's a more-than-ample earful of pretty bad lounge-styled Jazz.

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