Here's to Future Days by Thompson Twins

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Here's to Future Days by Thompson Twins
Here's to Future Days by Thompson Twins

Album Released: 1985


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1.Don't Mess With Doctor Dream4:24
2.Lay Your Hands On Me4:21
3.Future Days2:51
4.You Killed the Clown4:53
6.King for a Day5:20
7.Love Is the Law4:45
8.Emperor's Clothes (Part 1)4:46


Thompson Twins rock!

Well, kind of. This fifth album sees the trio moving in a somewhat more rocky direction than what they'd attempted beforehand, and whilst the result can't match their best work, it's still quite a worthy listen.

The opening, anti-drug "Don't Mess With Doctor Dream" starts things off in fine style, although it's topped by the similar "Future Days", to my tastes one of the best songs in their whole catalogue.

"Tokyo" is also a highlight, and they really do a pretty good take on the Beatles' "Revolution", but since I don't hold that song in such high esteem anyway, any cover is unlikely to offend me - and kudos to the band for having the gall to even attempt a shot at John, Paul, et al.

There are tracks here that come closer to their former more streamlined pop style, like the charming "Lay Your Hands On Me" and "King for a Day", but even they have a certain rock edge, particularly the former with its guitar break. And the concluding "Breakaway" flies nicely.

One downer is the ballad "You Killed the Clown", pretty much cut from the same cloth as "Storm on the Sea" from Into the Gap, and not terribly inspiring, while the other couple of songs are reasonable without really shining.

Overall however, Here's to Future Days is certainly worth the time for those interested in Thompson Twins, though it isn't the release one should start with. It's also ironically titled, for this was really the end of the band's golden run.

So despite three more albums of varying quality, and without Joe Leeway, who bailed soon after this one, the Twins' stardom started to fade, their future days eventually becoming one of nostalgia and references to the tune of being 'one of those 80s bands'.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor