Psychoderelict by Pete Townshend

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Psychoderelict by Pete Townshend
Psychoderelict by Pete Townshend

Album Released: 1993

Psychoderelict ::: Artwork

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1.English Boy5:07
2.Meher Baba M33:31
3.Let's Get Pretentious3:36
4.Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box)2:23
5.Early Morning Dreams3:54
6.I Want That Thing3:57
7.Dialogue Introduction To 'Outlive The Dinosaur'0:32
8.Outlive The Dinosaur3:24
9.Flame [Demo]1:07
10.Now And Then4:24
12.Don't Try To Make Me Real2:59
13.Dialogue Introduction To 'Predictable'0:34
16.Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)2:35
17.Fake It3:29
18.Dialogue Introduction To 'Now And Then'0:32
19.Now And Then2:57
20.Baba O'Riley [Demo]1:20
21.English Reprise (Reprise)7:03


So, having done your musical, what do you do next? That's right, a radio play! And boy, does it stink! Again.

The concept behind Townshend's previous album The Iron Man may've been pretty stupid, but at least it didn't intrude upon the music. A listener could pretty much choose to ignore the story there, by not looking through the liner notes. But on Psyschderelict, there's people talking all over the goddamn place.

"English Boy" is a listenable opener (though reprising it at the end was completely unneccessary), and "Flame" is probably the album's highlight (too bad there's dialogue over half of it), and there are a few other decent songs - "Let's Get Pretentious" and "I Want That Thing".

The rest of the album is filled with meandering instrumental snippets, and some of those are just bits of "Baba O'Riley" and "Who Are You", plus stupid bits of dialogue, along with just plain awful songs - "Now and Then" features a sickening falsetto, and is also reprised *aargh!*.

This album certainly wasn't worth the $4 I paid for it.

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by Reviewer: Cole Reviews

Psychoderelict is yet another Townshend album sabatoged by its pretensions, only this time it's simply not worth the bother.

Almost every track comes with added voice-overs to narrate the storyline, and they are definitely not a bonus: the dialogue is a distraction at best, and an unlistenable irritant most of the time, especially when inserted not before, not after, but right in the middle of the tunes.

Given that some of the songs themselves aren't that hot - strained AOR rock that would fit in fine between Journey and The Fixx (didn't Townshend realize that 80's overproduction was kind of out-of-date by 1993?) - the album makes for the worst piece of crap Townshend ever put his name to.

The story revolves around an aging drug addict/alcoholic has-been rock star who's trying to make a comeback (hmm, any autobiography there?) who gets bamboozled by a journalist 'bitch' (Townshend's words, not mine) with a fabricated sex scandal.

Unlike other Townshend concept albums, the plot of Psychoderelict is quite straightforward and easily understood. It's also strikingly stupid, and has more holes than Swiss cheese. Songs like "Let's Get Pretensious" (his misspelling) and "Outlive the Dinosaur" attempt self-parody, but don't work any better as actual songs than the rest (most of which don't even have hummable melodies).

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by Reviewer: Creative Noise