Burial by Burial

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Burial by Burial
Burial by Burial

Album Released: 2006

Burial ::: Artwork

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2.Distant Lights5:26
5.Night Bus2:20
6.Southern Comfort5:02
7.U Hurt Me5:23
10.Broken Home5:05


Burial's backstory is interesting, because for a long time nobody knew who was behind the music. And for someone to remain completely anonymous in the age of the Internet is quite a feat.

To make such clearly passionate music as Burial's and then refuse to be identified lends the material an even greater mystery (as if it didn't already sound completely from outer space already!). Eventually though, Burial couldn't play the role of the British electronic Jandek forever, and his identity was revealed.

So what is this music like? Well, being recorded in the first half of the 2000's, a lot of people would identify it as dubstep. But because dubstep has a lot of connotations these days, I'd suggest checking out Wikipedia for a general idea of how the term differs from what this music is and what most Americans (myself included) understand the term to mean.

Here, dubstep basically translates into manipulated vocal samples, dark and moody repetitive keyboard riffs, and scattering drum breaks that give way to purely ambient sounds. It is indeed a strange world that Burial conjures up, one where there's room for Eno-inspired strictly ambient tracks like "Night Bus" to coexist alongside skittering and buzzing atmospheric two-step such as "Southern Comfort".

This debut is probably Burial's most consistently dark album, and that's saying something for a guy who uses the sounds of pouring rain and deep thunder on the majority of his songs. Key tracks are the short ambient pieces "Night Bus" and "Forgive", and the wonderfully tense "Distant Lights".

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by Reviewer: Austin (blogging at Austin's Page)