Paloma Blanca by George Baker Selection

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Paloma Blanca by George Baker Selection
Paloma Blanca by George Baker Selection

Album Released: 1975

Paloma Blanca ::: Artwork

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2.Rose Marie3:00
3.I've Been Away Too Long4:33
4.Sing A Song Of Love3:25
5.Don't Break This Heart (Of Mine)2:45
8.Love Me Like I Love You3:49
11.Paloma Blanca3:49
12.Some Words3:25


I've already posted my impressions of the George Baker Selection's music in my review of their album Summer Melody.

Suffice to say then, that Paloma Blanca only reinforces what has always remained a mystery to me - how such a hugely successful band in continental Europe could only achieve very modest success beyond its shores.

This album's title track is the only hit single the band ever had in the UK, reaching No.10 in 1975, possibly because the song's instrumental introduction is strongly reminiscent of The Moody Blues circa Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.

Yet - of the album's twelve tracks - by my reckoning there are six other tracks of equal or even greater merit than "Paloma Blanca" (though from what I've been able to glean from the Internet, none of those tracks were actually released as singles, which may've been a case of the band's record label shooting itself in the foot by failing to promote the album adequately).

A quick run down of this album's highlights then ... "Dreamboat", "Rose Marie", "Alone" (all 6 stars); "Paloma Blanca" and "Darling" (both 5½ stars); "Sing a Song of Love" and "Love Me Like I Love You" (both 5 stars); with the remaining five tracks all in the 4 to 4½ star range.

As this album amply demonstrates, the George Baker Selection's frontman and songwriter Hans Bouwens certainly had a knack for penning durable and highly memorable pop tunes, what's more to an extent that far exceeded fellow European popsters Abba, yet - despite being something of a maestro when it came to writing good quality pop music - Bouwens never saw anywhere near the same degree of success outside of the continent.

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