Koo De Tah by Koo De Tah

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Koo De Tah by Koo De Tah
Koo De Tah by Koo De Tah

Album Released: 1986

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1.Too Young for Promises4:04
2.Think of Me3:55
3.Missed You All Along3:25
4.Over to You3:53
5.Body Talk4:10
6.Change My Ways3:50
7.Meant to Be3:57
8.Fun Girl3:42
9.Drift Away (Don't Let It)4:03
10.Into the Future4:23


Koo De Tah were an Australian-based synth/pop sextet, led by New Zealand-born singer Tina Cross and Russian-born keyboardist and songwriter Leon Berger. They hit No.6 on the national charts in 1985 with "Too Young for Promises", and this their only album was released the following year.

The album really is typical of mid-eighties pop, with most tracks having a standard verse-chorus structure highlighted by a feisty rhythm section, effective keyboards (guitars are prominent on occasions), and - at their best - some catchy songs.

Highlights include "Too Young for Promises", "Think of Me", and "Change My Ways", so even though there isn't a lot of inventiveness to be found, they are nevertheless fine examples of how to do straightforward songs that just work within their genre.

Having said that, a few differences do come, in the form of "Over To You", a mysterious piece which gradually builds into a swirling cacophony of sound in its latter stages, and the quite lovely ballad "Drift Away (Don't Let It)". The lyrics to most of the songs are romantic; unremarkble, but also inoffensive.

At times, Cross' vocals sound like a combination of Cyndi Lauper and Kate Bush (more of the former), but it's Berger who's clearly the dominant member of the band, from his instrumental work to his writing to co-producing the album. He even looks like he's the boss in the band photo on the original album sleeve.

Koo De Tah faded soon after they emerged, and were probably on their way out even when this album was released, but it's a record I like to go back to from time to time, and have listened to on countless occasions since I bought it back in 1986.

There's nothing revolutionary about Koo De Tah, but for those who have an interest in mainstream pop from the period, then the album's certainly worth the indulgence, if you can find it that is.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor