The Merry-Go-Round by The Merry-Go-Round

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The Merry-Go-Round by The Merry-Go-Round
The Merry-Go-Round by The Merry-Go-Round

Album Released: 1967

The Merry-Go-Round ::: Artwork

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2.Time Will Show The Wiser2:25
3.On Your Way Out2:29
4.Gonna Fight The War2:00
5.Had To Run Around3:34
6.We're In Love2:22
7.You're A Very Lovely Woman2:45
8.Where Have You Been All Of My Life2:14
9.Early In The Morning2:05
10.Low Down2:52
11.A Clown's No Good2:18
12.Gonna Leave You Alone2:16


Emitt Rhodes was a talented fellow ... hell, he probably still is. Starting with Los Angeles folk/rock band The Merry-Go-Round, Rhodes soon made a name for himself as a one-man pop band drawing heavily from Rubber Soul thru White Album era Beatles.

But while it's tempting to define Rhodes as simply 'McCartney inspired' and leave it at that, he actually moved through several phases in his brief pop career, from The Merry-Go-Round's folk/rock, to the expansive sounds of The American Dream through to the more esoteric pop of his final album Farewell to Paradise.

Rhodes' forte nevertheless was writing songs obviously indebted to someone else, and it appears he struggled to establish his own unique voice. To the extent it can be heard iin his songs, it is the sadness and weariness of his onerous recording contract that precipitated his mental health problems and prematurely ended his recording career.

The Merry-Go-Round is not a live album, the album's sub-title is an uninspired pairing of the two singles lifted from the album (didn't the label think people might mistake the album for a single?). Regardless, the album marks Emitt Rhodes' debut as a singer and songwriter, and it's quite a statement.

For people familiar with Rhodes, the voice and harmonies will be recognisable, but the sound less so - it's clearly an outgrowth of American folk/rock, struck through with pre-psychedelia Beatles, with two slightly twangy guitars, bass, and drums.

Compared with Rhodes' later more intricate arrangements, the sound is somewhat constrained, but The Merry-Go-Round were a rather polished band - bassist Bill Rinehart had played with The Leaves (the originators of "Hey Joe"), and both he and drummer Joel Larson has also had played with Gene Clark.

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