Polka Party! by Weird Al Yankovic

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Polka Party! by Weird Al Yankovic
Polka Party! by Weird Al Yankovic

Album Released: 1986

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1.Living With a Hernia3:18
2.Dog Eat Dog3:42
3.Addicted to Spuds3:49
4.One of Those Days3:16
5.Polka Party!3:12
6.Here's Johnny3:22
7.Don't Wear Those Shoes3:35
8.Toothless People3:22
9.Good Enough for Now3:02
10.Christmas at Ground Zero3:08


After the double whammy of In 3-D and Dare to Be Stupid, "Weird Al"’s fourth album came and went with very little attention - even as an almost immediate fan at the time, I wasn't even aware of it until years later.

Upon listening to Polka Party!, it's not really hard to see why that happened, as it's a somewhat half-hearted, limp affair, as if Al just wasn't all that interested himself.

Having said that, there are still some worthy moments, including "One of Those Days" (A 747 crashed into my den, and there's nothin' but tater-tots for dinner again, it's just one of those days), and the charming country ditty "Good Enough for Now", before the chilling finale, "Christmas at Ground Zero". Notably, those are all originals.

Another original, done in Talking Heads style, is the yuppie-celebrating "Dog Eat Dog", where Al does a good David Byrne impression, and "Don't Wear Those Shoes" is sweet, and includes some appealing orchestration.

But the album falters with the adaptations ... "Living With a Hernia" is alright (I appreciate it more since I've had a hernia myself), but "Addicted to Spuds" is just another boring food song, while "Toothless People", under the mistaken expectation that Mick Jagger's title song from the film Ruthless People would be a hit, might be Al's most worthless song of all. Even the title track - one of Yankovic's pop medleys - sounds careless, with just a small selection of chart topping singles.

No Al album fails completely; there are always at least a few gems to be found on any full length release. But Polka Party! just doesn't cut it very well. However, just when it looked like his career was on the skids, Michael Jackson would come to his rescue once more.

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by Reviewer: The Doctor