The Farewell Album by Peters & Lee

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The Farewell Album by Peters & Lee
The Farewell Album by Peters & Lee

Album Released: 1980

The Farewell Album ::: Artwork

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1.Sing Me A Memory
2.Ocean And Blue Sky
3.Come Softly To Me
4.Can't You Hear The Song (Everybody Knows)
5.The Way You Look Tonight
6.Release Me / Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again
7.Together Again
8.(Bring Back) The Punch And Judy Man
9.We Love Each Other
10.What Have I Got (I Got You Babe)
11.Twelfth Of Never
12.Don't Throw It All Away


Vocal duo Peters & Lee were winners of the 1973 series of UK televison talent quest show Opportunity Knocks (that also gave the world Mary Hopkin, and comedian Les Dawson).

The duo subsequently became the first musical act to score simultaneous No.1 chart placings in both the UK singles and album charts since The Beatles, with the single "Welcome Home", and album We Can Make It.

By the time of this album's release though, Peters & Lee's time in the sun was well and truly over - neither of them could really sing - their vocals on this album come across as feint and wispy, entirely lacking in virility or character, to the extent that I can honestly say I've heard far better singers at my local karaoke restaurant, the only difference being that because Peters & Lee's material has been rehearsed it sounds somewhat more polished.

The Farewell Album would I suppose be categorised as light entertainment, but with material this insipid it takes easy listening to a level that makes even Roger Whittaker sound positively risqué.

So this album only succeeds in highlighting the tragic state UK pop music had found itself in by the mid-1970's - it's the sort of stuff that precipitated the 1976 emergence of punk as a voice for disaffected youth - so that by 1980, when this final chapter in the duo's career was released, the UK music scene had moved on, and become an entirely different and thankfully reinvigorated beast.

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